Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daily Lessons

I was wondering, is there a right to existence? A right to happiness? I don't think so. Just imagine the workload law firms would have, if there were these rights. Shudder.

If you're one of those people who look around you everyday and go..."Why am I surrounded by people who have ____ Job, _____ grade, _____ opportunity and I don't?"...I found an article that focusses on the people who didn't have these things when they started out. It ranks pretty okay on the feel good factor.
The rejects. Check them out here.

Till this week, I used to wonder if people really needed personal organizers and google calendars and PDAs and all that jazz.
Now I know why.

I've looked for countless articles on beating the excess-sleep disease (Is it called sleep apnea?) man, who would've thought that excess sleep can ruin your life?

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is awesome.
Warning: The side effects, however, aren't.

You spend most of your teen years convincing your folks that pajama parties are okay, and sleepovers are fun and harmless.
And then you grow older and your mom goes for a sleepover with her friends and suddenly, shockingly, momentarily, you're a teeny bit worried.
(Not for long. They're parents.)

Rain is either beautiful, lovely and amazing or downright horrid.
There's really no middle ground.

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