Sunday, August 3, 2008

Announcing War!

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. It is the eve of what I'd like to call.."The wading waters". It is time, for the hungry tide to sweep in, yet again. This can only mean one thing...

Yeah, that's right. Seventh Sem is fast approaching and there seems to be no respite from the nightmarish five months looming ahead. This is what I will look like for a while....

I know. So adorable.

You want to know why? Ahh...

But final year is weird for me. (Bah, I'm emotional). I'm filled with two very real, very pure, yet very contradicting feelings.

Part of me, is like...
F.R.E.E.D.O.M from VTU!!! yeeeaaahhhh!!! Final year!!
Bring out the party hats and the Bongo Drums! One more year and it is OVER!

Then again, part of me is all...

Sob!! I will so miss college. Not the actual college experience (which is @@!!##@@!!!) , but all the stuff we did in college. The People in college. You know. How did I end up in final year so quickly? I know I don't want to grow up and work and life just won't be this much fun (hah!) anymore, I just know it. I just want to crawl back into my diaper and start all over. Growing up comes with a price.

Oh, well. Have to make the most of this year then.

Wish me luck! I shall leave you with a saying...(One of my ALL TIME favourites). it just gives me the shudders. The good kind. The kind you get when something leaves you in great awe.

The woods are dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
and miles to go before I sleep
and miles to go before I sleep
Robert Frost

and I'll go with a Hoo Haa!


Aditi said...

You Robert Frost, ROSWELL stealing piece of nonsense... ALL i wanted to say through the ENTIRE thing was 'awwww' and 'olley'..................


rammy said...

haha. I did say it was a quote. No?

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