Sunday, August 17, 2008

A perfect circle

I am now legal!!!

Okay, so in India, 18 is pretty much the legal life. But what the heck, vegas so beckons now! (The only time I've been there, I was sixteen and not allowed.)

To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to this birthday. Ok, so dreaded would be a good way to start describing this. See, I know people talk about the whole 'age is a state of mind' thing and all that jazz, but facts are facts:- I'm not getting any younger.
I know. Depressing.

But man, family and friends really REALLY changed all that. My birthday ended up being one of the best days EVER! And in 21 kick-all-ass years, that's saying a lot!

For starters, there was a treasure hunt at home, with...brace yourself...twenty-one gifts!! It was spectacular. Suj, mom and dad printed out these intellectual (hey, they weren't all that easy, they agreed!) clues, and hid gifts and everything!

Just for you (How lucky!) I'm gonna try and list out the gifts! (Male-readers may skip the following section. Or stick it out..its a great list of "What girls like me like!")

1-A cool red and silver coffee cup. With that cover that you can twist around!
2-Gold jewellery. Really grand, really nice looking, and now I can't wait to go to a fancy wedding and dazzle away. (Although i prefer platinum, but hey..they pick the sets they know I can wear)
3-A mother of pearl, gold and diamond watch. More weddings needed(but not mine)
4-A cute college bag in blue-gray and cream
5-A hand made paper journal. (Nah, I will also blog and continue to corrupt cyberspace.)
6-A bronze flower bookmark. (very cool)
7-A birthday card (with the words 'sex appeal' and 'bloody' in it. How cool are my folks?!)
8-Gourmet chocolates. (In individual coloured paper. I love that.)
9-A blue poise leather wallet. (Longish one. I've just been waiting to buy one..birthdays are celebrated for a reason, I so get it now!)
10-Crossword book vouchers. (My family has really understood me!)
11-Two pairs of earrings. (both junk jewellery ish!)
12-brown and black slippers. With a neat wedge cut.
13-A neat green hard cardboard magazine rack. (Just what I needed.)
14-green Kajal. (I know! Funky!)
15-Eye shadow. In nice normal brown shades!
16-A Copper sulphate (sort of) blue top.
17-A light green tee
18-A copy of 'A thousand splendid suns' by khaled hosseini. I like:)
19-Hair bands and clips. (Much needed)
20-A Debit card (Awesome, eh:))
21-The keys to my new i10! (Ah, i can see the green aura!)

So, that's 21 phenomenal gifts. That made my morning.
Are you asking me if there's more? Why, yes there is:)

So after that I went to mocha with my class friends and man, that place simply stuns! So bright and colourful and we had a great time with the mozarella sticks and the panino and the hats! I also got

-This card-like birthday poster that they'd made with pictures and art work!
-Roll-Poll..the cutest bean toy dog in the world
-A Book! (Man, people really know me.) 'anything for you ma'am' by tushar raheja.
The best part..mocha has this small place to sit that's more like sitting in a little cove or cave..fantastic place to go to (ranks ****..that's four stars in my list)

And then...(Yeah, yeah..there's even more)
I got a surprise Party! (Sutta, you have officially kept up to our surprise pact!)
It was the BEST thing ever. Everyone was there. I knew something would happen, but I didn't know it'd be a party and I didn't know so many people would come! In fact..just before I was entering the place...A car zoomed past me and some people (notably monk, who I instantly recognized) dashed out and ran into the building. That was a total give-away and a lot of fun. I somehow controlled myself from squealing like a mad pig right there.

So the party would take up a whole new post but the highlights were
-my wall boyfriend (Made with streamers)
-people dancing on chairs (which was real cute)
-My barney cake (I shall upload pics in a later post..)
-Musical chairs (It's much more fun when you grow up, trust me.*wink*)
-Speed group Table Tennis (I have no idea what it is actually called but I'm gonna call it that!)
-Passing the parcel (with dares. *wink wink*)
-Fantasy sex book reading.
And way, way, way more.

But, since I'm in a total girly mood (And I am in love with my birthday gifts), I'm going to list out the gifts I got. (I're going..even more gifts? yes. I love birthdays!!)

-A GORGEOUS, white designer-looking, classy, chick-bag.
The type I've always wanted, Voila! I cannot stop looking at it.
-Gorgeous white shoes.(And they fit!)
I need to go to more formal, classy social events now, to show off these babies!
-Two thongs. (One red one black which says "I am a naughty girl, spank me!")
Ah, College spoof gifts are fun.
No, don't ask me if I'm going to wear them.
- A book titled "fantasy sex".Really funny and I've never seen so many people interested in a book-reading.
-A hula-hoop.. For the girl in me:)
-A Hot pink (Sorta fuchsia) tube top with a very flowy cut
-A lavender dressy top with a really hot back
-A lavender top which makes me look somewhat thinner (no kidding!)
-A green silk-looking kurta from jaipur (which I badly wanted)
-A really cool keychain and this kiwi chain (African and New zealand maal)

This post is awesomely long and detailed, I think.
But wait...there's even more! (Don't stop reading now, puh-lease!)

So the party just..was outstanding and I can't rem the last time I had that much fun! Did I mention I love surprises? Well A day full of them is like being willy wonka.

Then, I get home and I find................21 dishes for dinner! (that's now my new favourite number). Mom and dad and suj...had practically worked the whole day to make a stellar dinner feast!
I know, the sceptics (a.k.a non-vegetarians) will be shocked to find that there are, in fact that many veg options for snacks and dinner that can be easilyu whipped up. Besides, i'm a salad and dessert freak.
Just for the non-believers, here is the dinner menu:

1. Cake (Mousse Au Chocolat, to be precise)
2. Vadam (They're small fried papads)
3. Papads
4. Peanut masala. (Yum)
5. Coleslaw
6. Potato Salad
7. Macaroni Salad
8. Onion Vadam(they're coloured)
9. Corn Salad
10. Another Veg Salad
11. Pasta in a white sauce (which had very basil-like flavouring!)
12. Pasts in a red sauce
13. Peas Pulao (never know if its pulao or pulav..any idea?)
14. Raita
15. Potato Fry
16. Puliodhare (Tamarind Rice)
17. Kadambam (Sorta like sambhar, very bisi bele bath ish)
18. Cabbage Fry
19. Flavoured Curd Rice (I actually like south indian food these days)
20. Custard with jelly. (Smack!)
21. Coffee Pudding.

I know. Life is good.

Thank you, for making my day special.
You know who you are:)


Poof! said...

So after reading the entire post, I've forgotten the first bit, and only the last part is fresh in my mind..and boy, am I hungry! Happy birthday!!:)

Stargazer said...

Sounds like you had one hell of day. :-)
Belated birthday wishes.

Aditi said...

Now that you have the keys to the i10 i hope your first official self drive will be headed in my direction!!
And hon, its now officially the time for you to STOP being depressed about birthdays!! :)

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