Saturday, April 18, 2009

If you're sitting around and wondering what's the most confusing problem in the world, well, don't worry any longer. It's very simple- People. People are the beginning and end of every problem in the world. Okay, Almost. That still counts for a lot.

I didn't think so till a while ago. I thought nuclear weapons was a confusing problem. The existence of life elsewhere was a confusing problem. Global Warming was a confusing problem.
Image Segmentation was a confusing problem.

And *poof!* There it was, right behind it all, the only problem that causes every problem. Humans. Everywhere, everytime. It's almost funny, how we cause our own problems, and then consider them to be mysteries of the worst kind. They aren't! They're all brainchildren of ours, as twisted and ridiculous and sometimes, just as plain stupid as their creators. We, truly, are our own worst enemies. And no, there isn't a best friend anywhere in that equation.

Nuclear Weapons would be used only for productive purposes, if only the people all over the world agreed on it. We have North Korea doing its own thing, SO many different treaties- NATO, CTBT, NPT, and..wait for the best part...all of them are different! People, all bunching up, all wanting different things. Yes, WE the people are the source of it all.

Global Warming? I sure hope the remaining four fingers are pointing right back at you when you point one out at someone. Global Warming isn't just a problem, its karma laughing in our faces. Yes, folks..we deserve to die in this heat (a sentence previously unimaginable in Bangalore) everyday and look like grime-balls. We created the grime.

AIDS is our fault, because we can't seem to be able to unanimously control it. Maybe if we had all these issues under control, we'd focus on things like extra-terrestrial life and Image segmentation, and solve those problems. Right now, we've great minds being forced to dilute their energies on the million dominos we threw around. They're all coming back.

So the next time you think something sucks, maybe you should take a nice good look in the mirror. Maybe you caused your own hell. Just, maybe. Maybe you didn't, and maybe you did. Either way, People are at the core of everything. So it's still under your control, whatever it is that's storming down on your path.
If we cause our own problems, then its only fair that we do whatever it takes to fix them.
Except cause problems while doing the fixing, of course....

Saturday, April 11, 2009


...aaand I'm back! Back from a fabulous trip to Udaipur. It's been almost a month since I last Blogged, and surprisingly, I didn't miss it all that much. Sure, at several points I thought..'I can Blog about this', and during those moments I wasn't sure if I should be happy that I'd started to like Blogging all that much, worried that I was thinking about it too much, or if I shouldn't be bothered because my memory is pure patch-work anyway. Because now, I have no idea what I wanted to blog about. Really. I had around TEN posts in my head then, and here I am, rambling on about absolutely nothing on the very first one.

Udaipur was a trip we'd been planning for a while, us from class. CaffeineLover lives there, her house/palace is there. She goes back there everytime we get our measly holidays, and she's been dying for us to visit for ages! And so, after many (many many many. I cannot stress this enough) glitches, we still went. And boy, am I glad.

Sutta, Mommy, Ash, Giggles and me took the train up to Ahmedabad. It was amazing, to say the very least. We'd met this SUPER cute kid named Riddhima, and we played with her for quite some time. What was just way too adorable was that she was from Bombay and actually prefixed her sentences with "Abbe" or "Arre". Man, kids are cute! We also met another kid, and these two boys, Stud Macha A and B. (Lame lingo courtesy college in Karnataka- there's nothing quite like it! If you can't beat em, join em. Really.) One of the machas ended up being quite nice and playing everything - UNO, Bluff, Taboo, Antakshiri (how do you spell this, by the way?) Fast-quietly-keep-it-down (a must play) with us. The other one, Illegal, was on train without a ticket and was entertaining only for a very short while.

In short, trains are fun. I get the best sleep EVER On trains. I sleep great on moving vehicles, trains most of all. Rock-a-bye-me, on the train top berth. We played, ate, played some more. Fantastic, really. The flight back paled in comparion. Travel Tip- when in a fun group, always take trains..they are definitely the way to go!

Our very own Jamal and Latika at Pune Railway Station. Aren't they cute?
They were very keen on being photographed.

Sunset, Pune Railway Station.

Me in a pensive train mood. (Yeah, right!)

India is gorgeous, in a way that can only be discovered by wandering around.

Coming up, a full post on Udaipur!

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