Friday, August 22, 2008

B is for *******, E is for **********, now you put them together. No? Fine, I'll do it.

Boredom. it has many faces, many old, boring, mundane faces. You'll find it anywhere. From faces like mine, sitting in OOAD class today, to faces in relationships, not knowing where they can go, to faces at a market stall, tired of what they do on a daily basis. incidentally, I am officially SICK of anything to do with objects. Period.

Freedom. it means different things to different people. it's what you crave most, sometimes. to you it might mean a fair trial or the right to live how you want. to a journalist it might mean the freedom of speech. to me it might mean freedom from the bounding choices I make, from doing this degree to doing so many other things that will bind me or already are, when they shouldn't.
hmm. object orientation does make you realize a lot of things.
pun fully intended.

Art. that must be appreciated in all forms. from the artwork sutta is doing to her blank page, to the way walls are designed in that studio apartment, to the particular way only KT tunstall can seem to get that note right. art breaks you away from boredon, and it also represents freedom of expression.
I for one, think that J.D salinger's work is like new-age art. So is Zadie Smith's.

Money. that is sadly, both unfairly connected and unfairly disconnected to art. can you explain how some art rake in the moolah, while the others that are equally good if not better make peanuts?
it's a delicate, fragile, shameful imbalance.

Luck. it is what drives that delicate imbalance of money. i mean sure, a lot of other things also drive it but luck is by far the most important, incredible, yet indeterminable ingredient. i see smart, effective individuals who's lived ethically, worked hard and experienced less return. i see others who cross the line, and do not have to pay for it.

Talent. that supersedes luck. THE ONLY TRUE way of ensuring that your chances of bringing in further good chi increase. for only the blessed, dedicated and the hardworking end up being true masters of their own talent. nothing else will do. for example, working perfectly with object orientation is talent.
mentioning object orientation three times in one abstract post is also talent.

Enthusiasm. that comes from knowing you've the potential to hone talent, be talented, and the potential to use it.

see? i connected boredom to enthusiasm.
all by six degrees of separation.


Stargazer said...

To quote George Orwell, "Freedom is the ability to say that two plus two equals four."
I realize that this seems woefully out of context. If you're really interested read 1984. (I strongly suggest that you do, I have a feeling that you'll like it.)

rammy said...

Lol. I've read it and I loved it.
I loved animal farm, too.:)

arnika said...

a)I loved this bit.(happened to chance on yr blog via facebook)
b)Thank u. You ve inspired me to get back to blogging.
P.S. I still believe that writing is better than typing.

arnika said...

oh an that was Parvathi from college :)

rammy said...

hey..thanks a lot! I didn't know you blogged either..will check it out!
And I believe writing is better, too. I wrote this post in class(joblessness)..and then typed it out at home cause wanted to put it up on my blog.
Journals are the best:)

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