Thursday, September 4, 2008

The fifth of september, 2008

You know when good things happen to you but bad things happen to your friends? The good things just..don't seem so right anymore? uh-huh, that's right. I did pretty well in sixth sem. Well, for starters, the results came bang when we were least expecting it. Thank the sweet kind lord.

Otherwise, I'd have been in the loo and I'd have had even bigger bags under my eyes. (While we're on this..what on earth gets rid of those no-sleep circles? I've tried everything except stain remover detergent, and I really don't want to try that.)

Unfortunately, some of my friends didn't do so well. Which is purely luck based, and in many ways really unfair, if you ask me. Especially since they really did work, you know? You can't predict VTU. Ever. It will crawl up behind you and strike, before you can even respond.

So, weirdly enough, things just don't seem right, even though they are. I'm supposed to be mighty pleased with myself, but I just can't be when there are people around me that are unhappy. I really didn't think I'd ever feel this way (yeah, Us leos can be quite the selfish..well, lions.) But there's a wonderful, different kind of happiness that comes with unity. Personal Satisfaction just can't compare.

Also (and yeah, I am going to put this on my blog) it has come to my notice that students in my department were being bribed by our teachers (But of course) to spy on other students. Isn't that the most ridiculous thing ever? It makes me want to shake them up, and then shake them up some more, and then beg some NGO to give them a life. Donate a life, folks! A whole load of people in college need it!

Note: The students who were bribed, said no. (Talk about show of character and integrity. Sometimes people can really set an example. (Isn't it sad and wonderful all at the same time, how students can set examples for teachers?)

College doesn't even compare with school. My school teachers fell into one or more of the following categories:

-delightfully amusing

-delightfully charming

-delightfully hilarious

-delightfully interested

-delightfully entertaining.

I think I've pretty much made my point here.

And some, some were delightfully life-altering. It's true. They really did make a difference.

Happy Teachers' Day! To every teacher and everyone I've ever come across, for I've learnt something from you, for sure. Just don't quiz me on it:)

I miss making all those personalized teachers' day cards, so many of them.


DA said...

I completely agree with you, kinda feels like your right to be pleased about you're own achievements (if you can even call it that) is just stripped away from you.
Oh and congratulations on the 1001 views...!! I'm just someone who landed here around the 900's I think ;)
Nice blog :D

rammy said...

Hey..yeah you just can't have a good time knowing there's so much work left to do and others aren't happy!
And..thanks:) I liked your writing too..checked it out yest! Interesting!

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