Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who needs a planner when you've events to remember events with?

Things I absolutely cannot stand this week (so far):-

#1: Thin people asking me "Shucks how do I lose some weight?" If I knew, I wouldn't be looking so 'pleasantly plump', would I, dah-ling?! And since you're thin, you're also brain-dead if you assume that I'll exhibit even the slightest hint of sympathy at you being "fat", when I'm deep in the well here and you're standing outside wondering how to draw water.

#2: People telling me that Pantene shampoo is awesome. Believe me, I had a mane once, of thick luscious (Yeah, that's the word) hair, and now, its..where did you go, my lovely? Credits: Pan-hell-tene shampoo.

#3: People who study abroad acting like what I'm doing is shit. Okay, so I don't have access to quite the experience you do, but hey, be a friend! (This does not apply to the nicer ones who come back and haven't changed at all. I love that. The BEST!)

#4: The fact that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen hardly ever smile with their teeth.
It's always a lip pout. Why, oh why?!

#5: People who claim they absolutely adore reading Blogs, but actually don't. Yup, very much existent category, by the way). What are you trying to prove? I am so restraining myself from saying further right now. (See, I'm usually a nice person and I don't want to mess things up..not even here).

#6: People who aren't in IIM, telling me that getting into one is no big deal. With all due respect, ugh..what the heck do you know, buddy?! @!%$%

Things I Loved this week (So far):-

#1: The fact that we've a subject called fuzzy logic this sem. Call me crazy (and I know you will) but it sounds so gosh-darn-CUTE.

#2: This thing Ms Muddu told me that she'd heard: A girl's prayer:
'Dear god, if you can't make me thin, then please make all my friends fat.' hahahaha! That really cracked me up.

#3: We bunked two hours and the girls from my department went to coffee day
and just chilled and laughed about girly things. It was so..normal and nice.
I needed that.
Thank you, Ms Muddu. Not sure how long you'll be hearing that though.

#4: The first episode of the moment of truth which aired on Star World. Scandal has always captivated me.

#5: My resume got printed out in pink and now it looks so Elle Woods (From legally of the best indulgent chick flicks ever.) and it is most amusing. Bah. I dearly hope this means I still have a life.

I love nicknames.

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