Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Aftermath

To put things mildly, I might write about college a lot. And mostly not very positively. It's hard for most people to think of college as something positive (anyone under VTU, anyway) and I'm usually pessimistic with a vengeance. Put that together and you get...Hell. Yup, Two days of hell, in sixth sem and I'm already so sick of it all, It takes every inch of my almost non-existent patience to keep from lamenting about the sorrow of being there. See, I'm the kind of person who NEVER gets bored in holidays. Being jobless is something I haven't associated myself with for the last four years, probably. So holidays are heaven. And after the second day of college, I can safely say that I'm experiencing an exhaustion that prisoners would be able to relate to.

Making yourself Pay attention in class is exhausting. What's actually even more exhausting (And I actually think so) is pretending to pay attention. Why not actually pay attention, you ask? In a word-boring. The day does all it can to remind me of why an MS degree is off the table. This science thing...For so long....Incredible. And under VTU...so incredible that you can't take it. So much so that attending all classes even on day one of Sixth Sem (code word -War six) was impossible. Ho, hum. To make things more dull...this whole thing suddenly makes me feel like I'm doing absolutely nothing with my life. I'm sure no one wants their epitaph to read "There she just sat, in class." I know I don't.

So once we got through the day (which did a considerable amount of mental damage, I can assure you) some of us couldn't just go home. We needed something. Something to seem like, after the war, we could make peace with our oh-so-bored minds. So we went to the BDA and had good old chaat and mithai and Sugarcane Juice. All for 25 bucks! Wasted around, walked around. And boy, student life is something else. There's just a certain joy in knowing you can eat some mouth watering paani puri for less than ten bucks. Having a lot of dosh is everyone's dream...but the mad delight of eating and travelling cheap and enjoying it...That's something everyone should experience. Then you can sit back years from now and talk about the good old days like everyone does. Ho, hum.

So it struck me....Maybe to enjoy the peace, the freedom, the aftermath...to truly, really feel that joy, we need the war. Maybe, to actually appreciate those precious few hours of fun, we need those hours of torture in class. Not want, but need. With the Yin comes the Yang, they say. Sad, but true. Relief is a spectacular thing, really. And its best felt in the smallest, teensy things. We do a lot of fun stuff...but the simple, unplanned things end up being the Best.

So the aftermath turned out okay. Back to square one, tomorrow morning, and every morning for the rest of this sem! But I'm going to try and take comfort in knowing that the aftermath...might just make it all somewhat worth it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

And the winner is....

Maybe this is why there's a writers' strike on in hollywood...*wink*
The only thing left to do, Is a Red carpet and Gown style ceremony for the writing world too!

The Fine Print

Ho, Hum. Why do bloggers blog, you ask? I'm sure you've asked that. Everyone has, at some point.If you havent' well...then you should. I know I did, many times. I never really got an answer to that. Then I started a blog. papoose-spruce@blogspot.com. I never really got very far. I wrote two posts. TWO. This blog is pretty new, not more than two weeks old or so, I'd say, and I'm upto 9 posts or more (I'm not very good at numbers). I don't want to jinx it, but what kept me interested this time, was that...I'd figured out why I wanted to blog in the first place. And suddenly, petty things didn't matter so much.

Blogging was suddenly something I was doing, for me. More than anything else. I'm totally and completely happy about the prospect of people reading it, of course, and a huge whoop-like THANK YOU to all the people (how many ever, two,ten or more) who've read the fine print(or not) and got my hit meter to cross the big 100. I won't deny that I get completely flattered if someone comments positively on a post...It makes my day! Maybe even my week!

I'd be lying if I said that others reading my doodles and scrawls and commenting didn't make a difference, but that hasn't become the ONLY or MAIN reason why I continue to Blog. It all digs a bit deeper than that. What sub-consciously happened, was that, once I'd started Blogging..I started to do something else that I'd never given two hoots about before - I started reading others' Blogs.

...And it was good. Really good. I mean it. You can learn from anywhere. From books, magazines, activities, events. Even movies, art, music. I've always considered myself an avid reader, and I've been reading ever since I was little. But the learning I've experienced by reading other Blogs....is learning like no other. It depends a LOT on the kind of Blogs you read, but once I delved into the fine print...I discovered things that no other form could bring to my notice. By that, I mean..learning from someone else's train of thought. The more blogs you read, the more posts you read..the style of writing of that person comes alive. You start getting their drift on things they haven't even posted on. You learn from their opinions, their lives. Its like an exchange program. You learn to value other's opinions. Once you actually READ the fine print, you figure out stuff that you wouldn't have figured out even on a date or lunch with that person. That's...pretty Big. In such a huge world with so many people. That's Big.

A lot of people don't even read the fine print. They read maybe, less than half a post. That doesn't really qualify as anything, in my opinion. You can't judge a book by its cover, a Blog by its template and a post by its title or opening paragraph. If you do, then you're missing out on a whole lot. You might as well not even look at the bits you do look at.

So Once I read others' stuff, I actually felt like writing mine. I felt like if I actually indulge in the same mind-speak others do, maybe I'd provide food for thought for a lot of others. Just maybe. Most of all, for myself. I can't begin to describe what its like reading older posts and going....What frame of mind did I write that in? For people who've been blogging for years, its like opening up a page of your life that you just typed away. Its funky! That's something even looking at old pictures can't give you. Ho hum, this was the person I was.

My take- Read the fine print. Even if you don't blog, no biggie. You'll learn a ton of stuff. You'll laugh at a ton of stuff. You'll draw parallels between others train of thought and your own. You'll understand all these things about human existence. In some cases (where its not, you know, so gosh-darn profound) you'll be really entertained (some people have blogs that can give you more laughs than you bargained for). If a blog is really bad (That's opinion based, of course), atleast you'll know what you should NEVER write like. You won't come out of it with nothing. I know I didn't.

Here's to everyone that Blogs, everyone that reads Blogs, and to all the minds out there who want a voice. At times Its severely unrewarding ( like when no one sees your stuff..you think...Man! I should just go watch tv. ) and at times it makes you want to go Yabba Dabba Doo like Fred Flintstone. No Shit!

The fine print has arrived, folks. And we all want it to reach somewhere.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


A lot of recent events have prompted me to think that the most GOSH-DARN-AWESOME thing about today's technology is not that you can keep in touch with people in atlanta, not that you can type out those boring reports and be professional even with the handwriting of a 3 year old, not that music is now (illegally) free..(although that is a HUGE perk!) not that you no longer depend fully on that DVD store down the road that has movies made 2 years ago, but that now, finally, and indefinitely, the POWER is in YOUR HANDS. The power to do just about anything. The power to change the face of journalism, the power to change someone's reputation, the power to impress, amuse, confuse, influence, and convince.

Confused? As an example...My friend chacks made an audio clip of him singing some song, "Jaya Nagaraj Tara"....and this work of pure genius enthralled me so well, I don't think I've ever been THAT entertained with a one minute (or less) audio clip. Now, this medicine (and By that I mean laughing that hard will definitely cure anything) wouldn't have been released if it weren't for the wonders of today's technology. For one, he'd have probably recorded it, and it would've stayed with him. But now, that clip was retrieved, and put up on my friend's blog! And its out there! The truth is out there! The truth can also spread like wildfire ( I can include a link to it, someone else can do the same thing...but I'm not going to do that because I might get slaughtered.)

The same goes for a lot of other things. Someone sings funny? Or dances funny? The wonders of bluetooth enable everyone to share the fun. A crazy Prank call? Its now on your phone. These are all things that we can keep and amuse ourselves with anytime. Another friend of mine recorded this guy's bathroom singing..(Yeah..You're not safe even in that private domain!) and..well..let's just say the music brought tears to our eyes..(If you know what I mean.)

Going beyond personal amusement (Which of course, is the most fun way of enjoying the POWER of it all...), the Impact of technology today means journalism is no longer single-handedly in the hands of media giants. Everyone now has the right to report, record, capture moments as they see it, and given that Journalism deals with such an unpredictable world, this is a benefit that everyone can see. Pictures were captured by people's cellphones during events like earthquakes, the recent assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Bomb Blasts, The tsunami..and these pictures were the ones that eventually made it to the headlines. These people just happened to be there...and sudddenly..they had the power to report. They had the power to tell their story. They had that power to make a difference.

Photography and Impromptu video making is no longer reserved for the experts. Anyone can get into it..I've seen people who don't even possess a professional camera take stunning pictures with their cellphones. I know people who make stunning music just by using mixing software. Youtube became a sensation because suddenly, everyone had the power. Everyone could put up what they wanted, noone was restricted to the views of others anymore.

I missed the 'We the people' episode on TV, and I got to watch the entire thing online. That kind of power was un-imaginable before. Its fabulous-everything can now go according to your time, your requirements. You get to decide. Its all about you. Don't get a certain show aired in your country anymore? You'll get it online, no problem. You don't have freedom of speech in the media in your country? You blog, and tell the world what you think. The number of pakistani writers expressing their angst online during the time of the country's emergency recently was astonishing. No one can curb that power anymore. You might have to face dire consequences if its on print (see my earlier post titled "Petty Poetic License") but if you want the right to information that is legal,all you have to is reach out and grab it. That is power like none other.

Obviously, with the Yin comes the Yang, and here comes the downside. Everyone has the power. The upside IS the downside. Record Labels no longer make the money they used to with their music. Anyone can put up anything, and credibility is definitely compromised. In India, a few years ago, The DPS school video(No prizes for knowing about that!) messed up the lives of the students involved in it. But people need to get smart. People need to try and be aware of who is recording what. People need to understand that with that kind of power, all you can do, is make sure it doesn't fall into the hands of people it shouldn't be with. Its not easy, but it has to be done. Everyone's recognized that the power is now with the people. I'm glad Radiohead and Madonna considered the internet a prime factor when it came to releasing new albums. It just doesn't work the way it used to.

What I'm trying to say through this entire essay-like post( I promise I'll try and restrict these...sometimes I can't help myself) , is that...don't misuse that power ( Why mess things up for yourself?), but don't shy away from it. Its now our world. Record, write, Participate. Because you actually can. You can actually get things going your way. In a strange way, we all possess the power that makes us the heroes of this generation ( Yeah, yeah..I know..I like being this dramatic!)..so..no sense in wasting it. And...P.S- if you do have some videos or clips that MUST be watched or heard...Let me know...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jack - Happy b-day song!

If you already haven't seen this, this birthday song is the cutest form of sarcasm!
Happy birthday! (It's gotta come sometime, right...)

Britney Spears......

Ha! I did that just to catch your attention. But really, if Al Gore wants Greater attention paid to his global warming campaign, he should just rope in Britney spears. If you can't beat em, join em. Right? Right.

The times-are-a-changing! Taare Zameen Par is THE movie. Really, it moves you to tears. It does have moments of relief thrown in, though. Neat Music Score , has that element of freshness and on the whole, a very well made flick. Aamir Khan must be grinning all the way home, to the bank, singing in the shower, whatever. So must the boy, Darsheel. And no reason why they shouldn't folks! This movie single handedly increases your respect for Aamir Khan by many, many notches. Finally, more people are looking at learning disorders in a new light. And that = progress! Step One!

The new Tata Nano promises to be kind to your pocket! Step Two, I say. We can either be sceptical or Happy. But really, there are so many times when I've seen four people holding on for dear life on a bike in India and wondered why I couldn't do anything about it. Mr Ratan Tata, however, saw the same scene and DID decide to do something about it- Thumbs up, really! My only worry is that the car doesn't have power steering, something that I (selfish spoilt brat, I Know) really need. I mean..I can't swerve round and round and round just to park. I'd be the killing machine to look out for on the roads then, for sure.

I couldn't watch We the People, But Blogs being taken that seriously here is definitely step Three!! *Squeals of joy!* Indian Bloggers need to be taken even more seriously. I mean, do we just know it all or what? ( My modesty helps, I'm sure. lol.)

The MacBook Air is out! DREAMY! Its making headlines everywhere...now if only I had a cushy job with the money to buy myself one. Sigh! I mean, check out the details! Don't get me wrong, though. Charlie is the man! (charlie is my laptop. He's the most Patient, Loving Laptop I know. Gives me NO trouble at all.) Rock Solid Dependable. Aww, he's all jealous of MacBook Air.

Its holiday time and the combination of the sunset out my window and my Cuppa in my hand? Step 5. Engineering students have a weird schedule, which means I'm oh-so-relaxed right now. Definitely a Plus!!

Times-are-a-changing! Now if only my hits would actually go up, I'd be ecstatic. It helps that I put up a hit-meter DAYS after I started Blogging. Oh well.


Who are you people kidding?

Nope, we don't have it. We don't have true freedom when it comes to writing. You think I can write whatever the heck I want to here? You think You can start a blog and write what you want? Ideally, you can. Ideally, I can. I should be able to, right? This is my space. I can write what I like.

Wrong. I can't. No one can, anymore. There are lines we can't cross, as writers, people, human beings. Racist lines. Objectionable lines. Factual Lines. Offensive Lines. Abusive Lines.
Petty Lines.

Maybe its different for a Blog, because Its not mass produced. Its that way for written works that are published anyway.

For instance, If you've ever read this book
Then you probably know the volume of controversy surrounding it. I've only recently started reading it, and I'll admit..this book, in a word- interesting. Sure, a lot of it is extremely debatable, but most people have failed to see the bottom line-Its The author's OPINION. That does not necessarily translate into fact. That does not, put down any religion or faith. A religion that millions follow, and they're worried about the opinion of one writer? Doesn't that seem like they themselves don't have enough faith? Isn't the general public belief, then, subject to doubt? Are followers of Islam so worried about one published work? Or two, or three. In my humble opinion (And I would like to stress on the fact that I mean no offense) Islam has a long, long history. It runs long and deep, and considering the number of followers it has, No one has the right to question it or comment on others' faith. I respect those who follow it, for it is their belief, their right to their religion. No one can question that. This respect, for that matter, goes for any religion, just the same.

I can't even stress further, considering, for all you know, I'd be the next target. But it seems to me that People should stop worrying about individual opinions regarding religion and just move on with their lives. Religion, in any case, is a personal choice, in my opinion. You offer it to someone, they either take it, or leave it. If they do choose to leave it, that does not by any means make the religion any different, it does not render it less pure. It only means that someone had a different opinion. Its sad to see that writers don't even possess the right to express their opinions anymore. Writers who write literary works, possibly of fiction, mind you. Not journalists who report events.

There are so many stories like these...consider Author Taslima Nasreen, (and if you haven't, click here). Claims of her written work being incorrect with respect to detail regarding people and events can be resolved by a disclaimer or retraction, but the Anti-Islamic nature of her writing rendered her no place in the world. Is that the price to pay for writing what you genuinely want to- Death threats and an escapist life? What motivation do writers have to really put themselves out there then? What ever happened to writers just penning down their thoughts? What happened to poetic license? What happened to it all? If these fundamentalists had their way, then every book would be fact. Raw, politically correct, carefully written fact. And no civilization grows just on fact. Culture spins on a lot more than that. Culture spins on opinions, imagination, ideas, thought, feeling. Suppressing it all means suppressing the very spirit of people who just want to express themselves. I thought we, as a race, had overcome these basic issues. But we haven't. There's a long long way to go before we do.

There are lots more stories that way, that were told, and the authors paid heavily for it. But we need our freedom of speech back, before our poetic license gives way to petty arguments about preserving religious beliefs that can't be shattered by a few books. People who do have that faith, need to seem like they really do have it. Ignorance is bliss, and ignoring these opinions if you don't like them, would probably leave everyone a lot happier. Otherwise, we'd only have stories that would never be told.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mirror, Mirror

Oooh, that's Interesting!
I can't wait to get it, to Try it, to buy it
I'll save it, I'll Hide it, I'll survive it........

No? Why not?
Are you curbing my enthusiasm?
Tell me WHY. I don't understand.
It all won't go just how you planned
Why do you get to decide what's banned?

Now, stop that. Really. I mean it.
Arrgh! Frustration! It's creeping in!
You act like I'm the mastermind of the greatest sin
So what? I'll be careful. Its just this once.
I really won't over-do it. Give me that chance.

Okay, you don't trust me. Fine.
I still don't get your view and you don't want to get mine.

Sshhh...Don't tell anyone. I got it. I know! This is so exciting!
So what's the harm if I check it out once, right? No biggie. NO sweat.
Hah! That's it? Why is it made out to be such a big threat?
I can learn for myself. See? I handled that okay...
I handled that okay...okay...okay...

I shouldn't have.
Why didn't anyone tell me? You told me? No shit! You didn't tell me.
How was I to know it would be this bad?
You'd think I'd have gone ahead then? I'm not that mad.
But we've established that you didn't tell me.
Ok,maybe you did. But I'm not going to admit that to anyone. You know me.

Years later..
No. NO! I'm sure that's interesting.
But no.
You don't need to know why not.
Yes, that's exactly what I once thought.
Experience teaches you everything. Trust me. That's why I get to Decide.
And no, you can never be that careful. Uh-huh. Yes, I'm right.
Quit acting like a punk.
I know I'm right. I know you think I'm not.
Nevermind. Someday you'll get it.

Eve Aint gonna Like that!

........."Stating that the group cannot identify the real accused in the case as it was dark at the spot, Derek "described" the incident and alleged that the girls were drunk, abusive and kissing their companions in public."........

This is not about the Juhu Incident. Most people have heard about the Juhu Incident. For those of you who haven't, 2 women were Molested and groped by 70 men on new years eve, at juhu beach. I'm not going to provide any further stats, or tell you how garrish and shocking the whole incident was. You probably (and hopefully) already know that.

What you also know, and don't question (maybe you do) is that women are often blamed for most of the incidents, just like the opening quote showed you. All I can do is laugh so hard, there are tears in my eyes. The girls were drunk and abusive? They were kissing their companions? All I want to ask, is...SO WHAT? So goddamn what?? So what if they were? How does that justify being molested by SEVENTY men, each of which deserve to be hung a thousand times over? Does that imply that it is all the womens' fault? I'm laughing harder. I'm also crying. All women are.

I'm running the risk of sounding feminist, but I can assure you that this has nothing to do with feminism. This has to do with basic common sense. Something a lot of people seem to lack, especially Journalists. And here's the most hilarious part. Women Journalists too. Some women seem to have a very ridiculous take on most crimes against women. Yes, I know, No one in their senses should've gone to Juhu on new years eve when drunk men are everywhere. I get that. But then, looking at the rape statistics, no women in her right mind should go anywhere.

I've been subject to eve-teasing, molestation, and seen my friends go through it and I can tell you this-If you think its situation dependent, you need a reality check. If you think It happens if you wear miniskirts, or if you go clubbing often, or if you walk around in the night, you're sadly mistaken. It does happen, but it also happens in BROAD DAYLIGHT. Which means you can never be too careful. And which means, you can never wear nice clothes, or never have a good time.

Why does the fairer sex have to be subject to that? You can't blame women for thinking all men are hound dogs with absolutely no control over their shameful brains, if this is the case. How on earth can you blame a woman, if it happens in broad daylight? It happens in buses, in autos. In other countries I'm sure it happens everywhere, too. It happens at the railway stations and airports. yes, airports. And if you say you've never heard these cases-women don't report them. Most of them are too harassed to go through the Oh-so-enjoyable route of reporting a case and having something judicial happen in India. Most women would rather just shut their troubled selves up.

So are women to blame? Sure, if they're not careful and if they're actually being provocative. And by that I don't mean wearing jeans or a skirt, for heaven's sake. Wearing a skirt does not have an automatic label on it saying "I'm ok with anything". Its a skirt. Not a label. And let her wear a leaf, for all you care. Why do men have to molest her forcefully? Why can't they just understand that that's not how it should work?

You'd think of asking these men..don't you have sisters, or wives, or mothers,or daughters? But that makes no difference. People even molest their family members sometimes. Such people don't deserve to live. Its as simple as that.

Most men do have a semblance of respect for their family members atleast(Thank god for small favours), and considering that...Its ridiculous how the photographers during the Juhu incident started taking pictures instead of rescuing the women. "But there were 70 men..what could we do"..is their argument? What would they have done if those women were their daughters, sisters or wives? Taken pictures?

Ever heard of women harassing men? What a ridiculous thought, right? Then why doesn't that line of thought hold for the other way around? No one thinks. Educated, Literate people are often found behaving like mongrels. They never think, while they're doing it. They never think..what if that girl was my daughter, or sister, or wife, or...me?

What's worse...if you think you can call the cops for help..they sometimes play key roles in these events. You can never be sure who to trust. You never know who's going to behave in what way.

Its sad, but everyone talks about it, including me, and nothing can be done about it. All women can do, I suppose, is to raise their kids so that they have some respect for women, instead of behaving like animals with a bloody retarded value system. What's sad, is that all of this makes men who do possess that respect, look like they belong to the rest of the pathetic party.

Eve doesn't like all that. She doesn't like it at all. But no one thinks of that.
I wonder if they ever will.

Got issues much?

Hypothetically, you're at a dinner date. Your date arrives, (I'm presuming she's female here) and she looks all lovely, radiant. In a nice dress, too. Gorgeous. Stunning.

Then comes the menu. You've gone through the effort of looking up catalogues and food guides to decide on this charming place that serves up a meal that's only worthy of such an occasion. You know she's gonna love it. But of course, she is. Who wouldn't love the mouth-watering delicacies whipped up by this place? Its practically your favourite restaurant.

But then, she orders something like a garden salad. Or if this were Victoria Beckham(No offence, really) or some Supermodel, it'd probably be something like a crunchy leaf and beans. A leaf. A LEAF. That's something you could've plucked out at home for..well..free!

Not only that, she looks wonky. She drinks black coffee, no sugar..that's only to make sure she can actually summon the energy to walk somehow, what with the amount needed to balance on those pointy stiletto heels. Even after that she looks wonky. Ask her why, and she'll tell you. "Do you expect me to fit in a size zero after eating proper food?"

Now, If you were normal, you'd think..'Do you expect to live without eating proper food?'...and..sadly, the answer is yes. That's pretty much how ridiculous its become. People used to eat to live. And now, people have forgotten that important point. Food has a presumably gigantic role to play in the development of human civilization. Entire civilizations have grown, based on the food they ate and managed to grow.

Somewhere, somehow, people have looked past nutrition, simply because they're only too starry eyed. By that, i mean staring at the sequins of the dress you're only willing to do anything to fit in. By anything, I mean anything.
Models have died because of starvation. And THEN the fashion industry woke up. Suddenly, everyone started off on the "anorexia is not a fashion statement" brigade.

Technically, nothing has changed. Hundreds of models are fired every year, because they didn't fit into someone else's description of "Beautiful". And that's usually 'Skinny'. They expect girls to be thin, and still have gorgeous,long,tresses and flawless skin. And I'm sure the secret to all that beauty is - (no points for guessing) The all important Leaf. I'm sure a big leaf has all you need to be in the pink of health.

It doesn't end there. You'd think a pregnant celebrity would be happy that she's gonna be a mother, but wait...She's only more worried about her bulging tummy than anything else. She won't come out for the media! Yes...a house arrest for when you're pregnant will do nicely. That way, no one's gonna see how human you are. And how you're going through the journey of childbirth..the miracle of life is in your hands! But, dear celeb woman, You're absolutely right..locking yourself up at home so that no one will see that you've put on some weight..(which is perfectly understandable considering you have a baby in you) is the way to go. That way, you can show other teen girls that being a mother, is indeed, such a weighty issue that it is now something to be ashamed of!

You'll see it everywhere. People don't eat. If you ask me, its hilarious. I don't know why girls like looking so malnourished. Looking slim and being healthy is great, but why look like you're impoverished and can't afford a meal? Why starve, faint, and starve some more so you can fit into clothes meant for ELEVEN YEAR OLD CHILDREN? Because that's gonna make you look like an attractive WOMAN? Oh, I see. Because that makes perfect Sense. And If you can't catch the sarcasm here, that means you haven't eaten in years and your brain doesn't work anymore, sweetie.

I don't know who first came up with the Bulimic idea of throwing up what you ate. Whoever it was, obviously wanted to eat the cake and then throw it up, too. It didn't strike her that we eat so we can get up and get going through the day. We eat so our tastebuds can smile, eh? After that it doesn't matter if the food's out, does it? I say before we hospitalize these girls, we first send them to grade school. You know..where they teach you about food, and why we need it. And it certainly seems like they've never seen pictures of famished, underfed humans during famine who look like bones wrapped in shreds of skin, so lets show them some of those pictures. And some pics of people with frightening deficiency diseases. And then ask them if they think being thin, and having scaly patches all over your face and body, bloodshot eyes and straw-like hair is "Hot".

To everyone who starves their way through, Do you wanna look back on your life without ever having had a nice thanksgiving dinner? Or some special sweet made during a festival? Do you want to be remembered as "The girl who ate leaves" or someone who was genuinely fun to be with, because she had the energy to move around? How can anything ever be fun if you don't eat enough to stay healthy? How will you make an interesting date? How will your friends react if they have to stop you from fainting everytime? Will they think you're a fun person to hang out with?
How will you go on a trek? Or just for once, pig out on popcorn and watch a movie without having to mentally count calories in your head. ....

I say, Life's too short. I can't live without never having tried Gulab Jamun or haagen-dazs ice-cream or belgian truffles. I can't live knowing that I might faint anytime because I haven't eaten at all. I can't let my self esteem be entirely based on making my body suffer. I can't start hating myself just because someone else thinks I don't fit into their narrow, self-absorbed, pathetic description of "Beautiful". Maybe all those freaks out there will someday actually hit a more mature line of thought regarding their health. Its called fitness, not skinny-ness.

Stop behaving like a five year old, and Pick up your spoon, and eat. And while you're at it, Pass the Cheese please.....

Friday, January 11, 2008

Guess who's back...back again!

You came!!! *Squeal of delight*

I should warn you- This may not be pretty. This may not make sense. And most importantly...the stuff I write, the stuff I put up..may not be to your liking. But you should also know.....its my blog!!! (Having your own blog is pretty neat! You should try it....)

But really, thank you for reading. Some of you who do actually read the stuff I write, may suddenly be forced to come to terms with the ENORMOUS volume of HORNSWOGGLE that's in my head. Yes, its true. *Gasp!*

But worry not, for you can always comment! Whether it be "That's hot", (the comment that seems to suffice for anything), or something else you'd really like to say, I'll be glad to hear from you.....

Until then..I shall keep posting...(Until the much dreaded writers' block peeps in, actually...a cause for much celebration for some!)

And remember......copying from one is plagiarism.
.......copying from two is research!


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