Sunday, July 27, 2008


You know my fetish for lists, right? It never ends. The worst is, every time I finish I list, I feel like adding more. Oh well. I can always make a List#2.

Childhood is a wonderful thing. So here goes..the things I believe, A Childhood is incomplete without:
(in no particular order)

*~ The harry potter series
Chocolate frogs and butterbeer. Kids complaining about studying the most interesting subjects that aren't known to mankind. Ah, I'd be a different person without J.K Rowling's contribution to my life.

*~Mary Poppins
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, and Julie Andrews helps just about anything look good.

*~Enid blyton
Naughty amelia jane, The faraway tree, The famous five and the secret seven,Mallory towers and more! Boarding school, adventures, and most important, FOOD, has never seemed as enticing. The mother of all kid happiness, in my opinion. My introduction to reading in any form.

*~The old Cartoon Network
Wacky races, Scooby Doo's all star laff-alympics, The lulu show..what happened to all of this? Today's cartoons equal weirdness. I am so glad that I was born, when I was born.

*~Walt Disney
Oh, the disney movies that made me laugh and made me cry. The music that prevented me from being tone deaf. The circle of life that brought me up. Hakuna matata, he taught me. Tom and Jerry zindabad. This was indeed a whole new world.

*~Board Games
Cluedo, Mad what me worry?, Guess who, Monopoly, the game of life, Ludo, snakes and ladders, Scotland Yard, Battleship. Ahh...fond, oh so fond memories.

Clarissa Explained it all. There was all that. I figured it out! Pete and Pete! Inside out boy! Allen strange. Don't get me started on this. I can write a whole post on nickelodeon.

~*Tinkle, Chandamamma, And amar chitra katha..and batman!
So my indian mythology study came from these books. Whee!! NO regrets. They made virtually every train journey fun and my folks were kept happy. Batman ended up being the only comic book I could ever get my hands on and read (after that enid blyton and calvin and hobbes came along and I forgot all about him)

~*Judy Blume
Blubber was my first. There was no turning back. Are you there, god? It's me margaret!

~*The Baby-sitters' Club.
Hmm, this is turning into a book-list. Oh well!

~*Roald Dahl
Yeah, long before johnny depp there was imagination! Charlie and the chocolate factory made me a hungry little kid. His other stuff satisfied a whole lot of the hunger.

~*Ruskin Bond
Never discount country life. I learnt that from his books. And from heidi.

~*Red letter, chocolate box, stapoo, hide and seek, dark room, doctor help, tag, chain-cut, Under the apple tree, kabadi, dog in the bone, kho-kho
God bless indian street kid games.

~*Shopping in Kidskemp
If you grew up in Bangalore, you know what I'm talking about. At one point of time, cubbon park and kidskemp were the coolest places to hang.

~* ice lolly and kismi bar and the walls ice-cream cart and melody-hai-chocolaty and Hajmola candy and cotton candy and!

~* Cadbury's chocolate, when It first came out!

Kuch Khaas hai Hum Sabhi mein
Kuch Baat hai Hum sabhi mein...
Khaas hai..
Baat hai..
Kya swaad hai...
Zindagi mein...

~*Doodh hai must in every season,
Piyo doodh for healthy reason
Rahoge phir fit and fine
Jiyoge past Ninety-nine
Doodh Doodh Doodh Doodh Doodh
Wonderful Doodh!

Open sesame and Young World
(yup. I read newspapers for my age without being forced to!)

~*Play-doh or Moulding clay
My best clay model ever, was actually a car. (How radical!)

~* Crayola
So many colours that I didn't know what to colour with them. So I did what I thought was best..used the wall as my canvas!

~* Holi with Pichkari
Back then, using a pichkari was the shit!

~* Fitness shoes by bata
I was obsessed with them. Bright blue, Pink and Black with Pink "fitness" wording!

~* Diwali
My first atom bomb was like graduation from the chakras and flowerpots. I actually squealed!:)

~* Swimming lessons
Terror gave way to thrill when I discovered that being able to swim meant being allowed on the giant pool water slide!

~* Bicycles!
The BSA champ was my first bike. I actually even won a bike race on it! (Okay, so there were only three participants that day, but still!)

~* Fusen chewing gum, rola cola, orange bar, gola and those ciggy-mints.

~* those hand clapping games
"Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?!"
"Under the apple tree, my mother told me"
"orange juice and lemon, sold for a penny!"

The list never ends, but I've gotta run!
Being a kid is fun!

What can you think of, to add to the list?


Poof! said...


Though you forgot..

-School and sports day.
-On the ad front, the nescafe ad, ho shuru har pal aise, ho shuru har din aise, oh well, I liked that ad.
-Kicking the football intentionally onto angry neighbour's door.

But totally relate t the post. Nice work!

it's all about me!me!me! said...

The feeling is mutual.[:)]. childhood for me really did mean a lot of books, food and falling lot!

Akaash said...

You totally forgot summer vacations! That's when I lived most of my childhood.

rammy said...

True! This is why commenting rocks..I did forget
- Total joblessness during summer vacation and playing outdoors for almost 13 hours a day (in my case)
- Having a pet (not in my case though..but I wanted to!)
- Sports and annual days!

Aditi said...

- The Powerpuff Girls
- Office-Office/ Teacher-Teacher and the doubled hyphenated version of everything around the house...
- Using vessels as our drum sets
- Pretending to drive when the car was stationery and pressing the horn when you knew the parental unit wasn't around...

Man!! I miss all that!!

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