Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Broadway Burgundy Frost

Sounds nice, eh? If you haven't guessed already, its the name of a rather ridiculous looking Dark Pink Nail polish shade I have. Or found, rather.
I must say it looks very..Broadway-esque (I have no idea how to explain that) and I was quite enamoured with the shine. Now, I'm not very girly (meaning I call totes bags, I don't really keep up with the latest trends and I don't own much makeup) but suddenly, I wanted to wear Dark pink nail-paint and see how my day went.

What I didn't realise till late evening, was that the colour looked postitively hideous on my skin tone.
Sigh. I guess mom will have to wear it (She's got prettier feet than I have.Mine are much to my sorrow, capable of being categorized as ugly.)
But like R said, I should be glad I have feet..

The lack of time in my life is driving me crazy. Really, I so wish I'd the time to groom myself like those other girls who have time for a different hair-style everyday of the week (seriously, we're talking permed one day, braids one day, straight the next..do you know how much EFFORT that would take? Not to mention how many hours! ). What I do is, I inspect my hair when I wake up. If its too oily or greasy looking, I wash it. If I don't blow dry it, I fall sick (it's true..the horror sinusitis imposes on people is only too annoying). So I quickly dry it, that's it. On really bad hair days I settle for a hair-band or maybe clips. If its really bad, I tie it. That's it. Minimal. I wish I even had time to go shopping for hair accessories.

Also, skinny jeans are on their way out! I, for one am happy. Did people take SO long to realise that it doesn't suit every body type? Hah! I could've told every fashionista that on day ONE.
(then again, India is a whole season behind the world when it comes to fashion trends so god only knows how long we'll take to wind out of this skinny-s**t)
The new trend is the supposed "Boyfriend jeans", really really baggy jeans. I'm happy. They're also supposedly called these because they look like something you've fished out of your boyfriend's closet.
Now why couldn't you call them something else? Count on those people to give you a complex no matter what. First they use the word 'skinny' and then 'boyfriend'. Its like normal-bodied, single people don't have the right to wear jeans anymore. Hmmph.

It sure would've been cool to live in the seventies:)

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