Friday, September 19, 2008

Springs in steps

I love dancing.

No, no..don't get me wrong. I'm not very good at it. But put on some music and I like to move it move you like to move it move it? I've probably performed (like on stage with what I'd call a decent-sized audience) a few times, say around three or four. I recently did A dance for my building (A medley. How cool am I??!!) and after that there was this lull. So on fri when Sutta said something about a dance, first I worried about how this would ruin my so-called-CAT-attempt even further, but then I decided to go for it. I don't really regret it, since It's really a great stress buster. We're doing a medley (again!:)) of 'pappu can't dance saala' which has come out looking quite funky in my opinion and 'bachna ae haseeno' which we all haven't yet choreographed, but the song is so upbeat that we all dance when it starts!

It should be fun, really. I think stage fright shall kick in but this has been a good team building (you know, decision making and the like) and creative experience.
Amateur dancers doing their own medley. *Grin*. Awesome.

Also this whole wall street fiasco is really very interesting! I'm reading every article on it that I can get my paws on. I love it and so wish I could understand exactly how economics works..Now I know more than ever that I'm so made for a non-engineering degree!

Today in class, me sutta and ms muddu had this entire conversation on India, terrorism, religion battles, Corruption, Politics, the world and it was really very lovely..I for one was so wonderfully happy. Did I mention I LOVE intelligent conversation? I want more of that!

Also I have started reading The Economist which I think anyone vaguely interested in the world (Hah!) should read. it really is a stunning piece of information..all wrapped up in that incredibly deceitful exterior. It looks thin, but it is most definitely not.

I also saw the last lear, and Verdict- Overrated. AB's acting is really quite commendable though, really worth a shot..give it a go with a DVD and hopefully surround sound and appropriate lighting..that should do. He is good! Many performances were quite good, in fact..except Preity (who looks and talks the same in every movie.) It would've made a really good play. I'm starting to think AB would've been amazing at theatre.

Oh oh and I can't wait to watch mamma mia! Anyone seen it? I positively love ABBA, simply because when I was little, my parents listened to it a lot so I sorta grew up with it and sang it and it means a fair bit to me.

mamma mia
here I go again
my, my, how can I resist you?
mamma mia
does it show again
my, my, just how much I've missed you



Also, I didn't expect this, But I LOVE death magnetic. The Cd cover is nice, the album is nice, and I absolutely love 'suicide and redemption'. Finally, they brought out a track and spared me the lyrics.
I hated St. Anger, but this album's nice. Sort of like the Black Album.
I love neutral milk hotel too, of late:)

Now, why can't CAT go well too? There will be only springs in my steps then.

Also tomorrow I shall be catching a play..'death' by woody allen.
I love plays. I love them, I love watching them, writing them, anything to do with them.
Watching them.

That joy will keep me going for a whole week. Can hardly wait.

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