Wednesday, September 10, 2008


hey, you there..yes you. did you think I wasn't talking to you?
we spent nights and days together
talking about how other people complicate and mess up their lives. Make them so incredibly complex that rocket science and thread anarchy came together like a ball of dirty yarn that just couldn't be spun.
You told me that you preferred it simple.
Then how come I'm trapped in your anarchy? And how come, even though I want out, I'm still in, and how come I want to tell you that I want nothing more than to be out, but I can't?

didn't you once tell me you can't stand someone who can't keep a secret?
Didn't you once exhale, for hours because I wouldn't tell you someone else's?
have you not realised that you're a hypocrite, when you call everyone else that?
Then how come you want me to spill everything for you, when you're crying over un-spoilt, un-spilt milk? Milk thats fresh and cold in the refrigerator, and FYI..your antics get stale faster than the milk does.

didn't you find someone else fake, once? Didn't you tell me that you couldn't believe people would come around for entirely selfish reasons, and that people who make the world at their convenience isn't fair? Didn't you once say you couldn't tolerate someone else reading your messages when you didn't want them to? Didn't you once call someone I know and love..nosy?
Then how come you're pouring over my shoulder, and many others'...curiosity about their lives driving you, an invisible sheath of confidence hiding you..and yet at some level you know you're transparent?

sometimes, you know the answer I'm giving. You want to change that, and you'll change what you say so I'll be forced to say what you want me to.
Haven't you realised that I love you, and all this is making me think twice about the kind of person you are?

you can't stand it when someone talks behind your back.
and you love talking behind others' backs.

You're perfectly capable of making good conversation and yet, you're so entwined in your own life that you don't really bother with it, and then you tell me other people are incredibly dull, and boring to talk to only because they're too wrapped up in themselves.
haven't you looked in a mirror, emotionally?

You can't stand it when your friends don't support your idiosyncrasies, and yet you won't support mine.
Haven't you realised that you're selfish?

The coffee's brewing. Its time for you to wake up.


Poof! said...

What the!!!?????

randomrobin said...

I hear your thoughts on this one, loud and clear :)

Aditi said...

I have to ask... You talking to me?!!

rammy said...

lol no...not at all

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