Friday, September 12, 2008


Step one- I'm going to get personal. Something I normally don't do on my blog. Most of my writing falls under the inspired by other people and people they know and also what I read category.
Whew! That's a long category.

But anyway, I am called Blammy sometimes in college. Actually, I'm called rammy (which is my screename..FYI) and Dee at one point thought it'd be funny to start calling me blammy and he said the name sort of sounded "fat". My theory regarding this is that blammy sounds like a portmanteau know, Blob Rammy. Ridiculous, but that's how it ever made sense in my head. Of course, I never really told anyone about this particular reasoning but hey..if people are reading my Blog, this is going to get a few laughs (or atleast a knowing smiling sort of look) for sure. Anyway..funnily enough..I loved the name Blammy the very first time I heard it. (What I wish I could change, was the implication! Haha.)

So, the truth is..I'm not really very large or Obese or anything (I'd sure as hell like to think that) and I'm not thin either. I'm what I'd call "Pleasantly Plump" when I'm in a good mood, "Fat as hell" when I'm in a crummy mood, "chubby" when I'm trying to come to terms with myself and "Getting fatter by the minute" when Life gets agonizing and terrifying. Either way, I'm not very nice, (emotionally, regarding body issues) to myself.
And wow, I've just written this on the internet.
(Gag moi.)

So yeah, externally I go all "Huh!? Did you just call me fat?!!", while internally, I usually partially my friends' circle, I'm pretty much the plump girl. But you should see the guilt-laden, confused look on someone's face when they call you fat without expecting you to take offence and yet, you gets them every time and I love it. (They try and cover it up with an attempt to make any joke sound like a generic statement.Bah!)

However, I do not think I am really fat. See, the real villain of this story is my height. I happen to be of average Indian height. So i just end up looking healthier than I'd like to. See? If only I could knock off a couple, I'd look a lot more in proportion and I'd be happier and my life would turn around and (you get my drift..blah blah blah)

Anyway, So..I'm Blammy. It doesn't help that most of my friends are blissfully in shape. They either have a blessed metabolism, amazing genes, or a willpower that a blasted earthquake wouldn't shatter (they work out really regularly). But really, most of them are quite..yummy lookin'! Ah, the peril such things bring to Blammy. Really. You have no idea. See, I'm cursed with a mad love for food, and an even greater love for sleep.
Both these things ruin weight loss like nothing else.
You betcha!

Anyway, So I found a few Blogs which are GREAT for reading about weight loss (I can't really Blog about being Blammy these people will take over.) The links I'm about to post are pretty fantastic, either being very detailed, motivating, really helpful or just plain amazing. For anyone with weight issues..if for nothing else, read them to know that you aren't alone.
You aren't alone at all.

I'm too lazy to convert into links so I'm taking the liberty of posting URL's straight (for the tech-challenged this means just copy-paste this link on your browser)

Each of these Blogs have links to further Blogs on being healthy and weight-watching and yadda yadda yadda so dig in! To the information, I mean.

Though I must add, being Blammy in no way is a drastic problem in my life. For those people who claim you can't be fat and happy,'re right.
You can't be fat and happy. Amen to that.
But you can definitely be fat and loved.
Trust me on this one. I've never been denied of opportunity, friendship, love, or trust because of body issues. Really. I've seen a wrote of people write about how the only way to get friends or have people like you is by being thin. In my experience..that is a load of self-pitying rubbish...It is all in your head. Life is meant to be lived, and lived well.

And regardless of how you look, you should be living just the way you want to.


P.S- Blammy really likes purple.


Poof! said...

Where on earth did you read about only thin people having friends????

Looks like oopsmommy really inspired!

rammy said...

Read in some blogs, its a very general opinion that its easier to be liked by people is you are slim and good looking! I know it sounds ridiculous but that is general opinion!A lot of people actually think it.

It should be busted!

radhika said...

hello. you're the cutest :)
p.s: i'm currently on a no-rice, no-alcohol diet and tired of my fat problems. i HATE BODY IMAGE ISSUES!!! AAARGH> Q@!#$%^&*(

rammy said...

hahaha..tell me about it..body image issues=never ending DOOM!!
No diet works for me since I can't take it for more than a day!
I think I need to earn a lot..liposuction calling!

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