Saturday, September 6, 2008


Friday, January 11th, 2008.
I'm not the sort of person who remembers dates (No really, except my birthday I draw huge blanks) but strangely, I remember that one. Don't expect something very earth shattering, now. I wrote my very first Blog post on that day. Actually my first Blog post was a while back..but..I scrapped that Blog, and started this one.
And this one has lasted long enough for me to assume it is permanent. I mean, I might start other anonymous, not-so-anonymous blogs, but this will always be home base. This will always be the personal blog that made it. I now know that I won't be ditching this one.

What triggered off this blog-nostalgia? Well, it has just come to my notice that my blog has officially been viewed a 1001 times.
Pretty cool, eh? bah, who am I kidding....

It's fantastic!
(You can't see, but I'm taking a bow).

I am so taking this opportunity to thank my readers(don't scoff, some people do read my blog, don't they!?) for coming, coming again (If you did), and commenting (for THIS is what really makes a difference to me). Okay, so there are a MILLION blogs with a readership of over ten thousand each, but I feel like this is my own personal victory. Silly, but true. This blog has kept me going. It really has.
Writing has always been therapeutic. I didn't think this would ever come close to writing in a journal (and it doesn't) but it's something else altogether. It's a different kind of writing.

Okay. So this filler post is over.
I just had to commemorate the occasion.
I'm going to go do the victory dance now.

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Poof! said...

I'm 1021!!:) Congrats!
Coincidentally, I typed out a celebration post too!

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