Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Baby got back

It's been a while since I blogged, so I'm taking the liberty of welcoming myself back with this filler-style post. I actually went on a lil' vacation, a much needed, very relaxing, very different sort of vacation, and my brain is thanking me for it. It says, 'ah, thank you, you wretched woman, for finally letting me be in a place where I don't have to worry every milli second'.
Yes, it's true. I am a worry wart. One of the worst you'll ever meet.

Don't you just love travel? I do. It gives you so much...substance. Not necessarily only to your personality, but also to your thoughts, your blogs, heck..even your text messages. Don't roll your eyes, it is true. I've noticed a dramatic change in people after a trip they've taken. The way they speak, think, dress.
So, I actually did learn a lot, think a lot, and you know what this blog has done to me? At several points, I actually went...'hmm, a blog post on this would be fun to write'! Gag moi. I hope I'm not becoming one of those people who associate everything with their paper. That's a one way ticket to belonging in the not-in-the-moment-ever category.

So, here we go...the top five things I like about travelling:

1. different food in different places.
*drifting away..mmmmm*
2. pictures that make you smile years (or even days) from then.
3. shopping for souvenirs and the ecstacy that comes with a bargain buy (and most places are cheaper than bangalore)- a steal is unparalleled joy!
4. stealing shampoo and toothbrushes that I'm never going to use, and my friends probably might when they stay over and forget their toothbrushes cause lets face it, no one likes mustard-mouth!
5. encounters with interesting, possibly cute people. *wink* A definite plus if they play a new, interesting travel game with me.

The top five things I don't like about travelling:
1. Packing
2. Unpacking
3. Having to get up at alien hours
4. Creepy Crawlies (esp if you're doing the whole "vacation in the wild, untamed world" sorta thing, or in public places)
5. Oily-sticky face or frizzy icky hair situation (in other words, weather woes)

Other than that, travel is a ball!

WHY did I make this seemingly obvious list, you ask? I felt like it.

Also, I got the nintendo wii!! Months of wait and it is all so worth it.
Hopefully I will get the second remote soon and seventh sem will be so peachy:)
Highly recommended for a perk-me-up for anyone in vtu! (or otherwise)

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
Who me?
Yes, you.
Couldn't be!
Then who?

Being a kid was such fun.

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