Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rebels who can't state their cause

Dear Rebels,

Tsk, Tsk.
What ever happened to you guys? I know being a rebel comes with that razor-sharp, mystic, daring status. I know you have some cause. You're humans, after all. But what's flown way past the pathetic line, is the fact that you go through the painstaking (and pain CAUSING, mind you) trouble of bombing two Indian cities in two days, but you don't state your cause.

Isn't it sad then? Innocent people died, and for nothing. You continue killing innocent people. No one knows how to stop this bloody bullshit, simply because they don't know what you want. You won't state a thing, you'll simply confuse and create conflict everywhere, without getting anything you want. Hmmph. Talk about a lose-lose situation!

You expect people to figure out what you want and set it right? I Hate to disappoint you guys, but this isn't Scotland Yard. People aren't on your case, figuring out every detail. They can only speculate.

If you want something, learn how to ask for it. By bombing, you're only making yourselves, your people, and worst of all..rebels everywhere look like the underdogs who just don't know what they're doing, and yet pathetic enough to continue doing it.
My heart goes out to the people and their families affected by this childish nonsense.
Statistics may show other things, but India has half her population in the age bracket 1-5. In that mental age bracket.
For that matter, that whole world does.

Good luck, everyone. We all need it.

Incredibly Lucky so far, in India.

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