Monday, November 2, 2009

My shortest post ever.

*Rant alert*

You know the eternal truth about life? Well, I, all of twenty-two years of age and experience, have finally, finally figured it out. It was, indeed, a very kumbayaah moment. Here it is:

the most important things never go according to plan.

Go on, life!!
If I'm wrong, go on and prove me wrong! I'd love that.

I have tried being positive, I really have. Now it seems about time for Plan B. Hmm, where did I put that punching bag?


Silverstreak said...


perplexed said...

That's what I thought too.. but you might not believe me at this point but if you miss whatever this is...which I really hope you don't but then if by any chance you do so there will..WILL be something better waiting!

DA said...

well its good that you keep positive about the better things waiting for you, but for crying out loud, don't give up on anything unless you absolutely have to...u know...until ur probably having a drink with Death in some old tavern on some ruddy starless night...'cuz well...its lame to give up...
Very contextual I might contradict myself there in some situations...good post! :)

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