Monday, October 19, 2009


I feel like a firecracker. Now, now, I may be going too far with this, but I've been thinking a lot, this weekend, and MOST of it is rather unrealistic. But I figured, If I actually put those thoughts down, It'll all become more real, and then I have nothing else to do but follow the green signal.

Ready, set

Is it because of Diwali? There are firecrackers bursting all around me. They're all bits and pieces of things, really, put together in a fashion that allows them to shoot up and burst into splendour right in front of your eyes. In big, spectacular fashion. In a way that cannot be ignored.

I have all those bits and pieces in me, I always have. But right now, I'm no more Miss purple shoes with bits and pieces in them, wandering about life. I have a plan. My plan is to take those bits and pieces, and find a way to shoot them straight out. It will be painful, it will be confusing, it might make me go on hiatus or it might make me blog so much more because that might be the only way I will handle it. It might be impossible, even, but all I can think about are those big, colourful lights.

Because in the end, I will burst into a a wonder, and for a little while, you can't help but look at the sky, you will notice and then, hopefully, I'll have a LOT more to blog about.



Shruti said...

I can't wait for you to burst then, and when you do, then may all your glory and bits of marvel shower upon us blog-readers in all its purple fiery glory:)

Aradhana said...

Yes, and we have no doubt it'll be spectacular!

Silverstreak said...


Silverstreak said...

Just realized, purple firecrackers! HOW many pages did you surf till you found that?

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