Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lunch date

I wish this was about me (actually, maybe not). It isn't.

So, today, I went out for lunch. With friends from college and it was great, but that's not what this is about. The weirdest thing happened today.

At the table next to us, there was a boy and a girl, both seemed to be in their mid twenties, and the girl looked very familiar. Both were quite good looking and it even seemed like they'd look together. For some reason, it seemed like they were on a lunch date.

I've seen a LOT of people on dinner dates, and I'll tell you how it normally goes. At dinner dates, people tend to sit next to each other rather than across the table from each other. They're usually whispering and drinking and being obviously in love. They're usually dressed up and flirty.

At lunch dates, I don't know how it goes. But these two people were both dressed normally, casual, even. They were sitting across the table, and it seemed to me like they were either meeting after very long, or for the first time. Heck, it seemed like they were meeting for arranged marriage purposes.

I'd always had such a negative opinion of that, but today, it didn't seem bad at all. It seemed FUN! They were talking, a lot, and really well! From what I saw (Ok, so I listened in a lot. I know it's creepy, but it was a really interesting thing to see- a lot of us couldn't help ourselves). They were talking about their interests, just getting to know each other, and it didn't seem like anything was weird or awkward. It just seemed like honest, relaxed conversation. The kind you have with a perfect stranger, and walk away knowing each other.

I was impressed. I don't know why, but it made me very happy to see a simple, basic date go so well for two people, in this weird, complicated world. Now if that wasn't a date, well, those two are going to be / already are really great friends.

I hope they never read this.


perplexed said...

awww... we once saw the same thing happen in barista with the parents sitting a little further away though... but everyone seemed happy and the guy...oh my god..the guy looked freakin good! it was a cute setting.. and you are so is hard to come across a simple thing like that these days..

Hiroshima said...

I once saw a couple in a coffee shop... They looked really comfortable with each other as though they'd been working together for a while or had mutual friends or something and were finally getting together, just the two of them.

I had some questionnaire that needed to be filled out by 'couples' so i approached them. Their response: we'd love to help you out, but we're brother and sister.


~R~ said...

@perplexed- I know! It was just two people talking like there is no tomorrow and nothing in between! Good to see!

@Hiroshima- WHOOPS indeed.
And that could very well apply to my post!

Shruti said...

Sounds like all my first dates! I thought that's how they're supposed to go. That means I'm doing something right, especially if you're watching ;) :)

But it also makes me wonder how much talking I actually do. Quite a bit!

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