Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The end of an era

I have SO much to do right now. But Guess what?

I am now an engineer. Yeah, that's right. I'm yet another techie from India, I will also be working in a software-based job position, and yeah, I did B.E Information Science which is sort of like Computer Science in most ways. And yes, I know how cliche it all is.
But I DID IT!! I did something I don't even like all that much (Why, is a different post) and I did it well! You know how hard it is to do something you don't like? No? Well, do that. Throw yourself out of your comfort zone and happy zone and do something you DON'T want to do.
Then tell me how easy it is.

Anyway, so I did something I don't even like, and WELL!! Sure, there were setbacks and rollercoasters and tears and jumps and crazy moments and fear and loathing and happiness and in the end I did it! You're looking at ~R~, B.E!

I don't even care what anyone thinks. Maybe it's not a great achievement, like recording an album or writing a book. It isn't anything to be famous for. But it's four long hard painful and not-fun-ever-academically years of a degree that I now feel proud for getting, simply because it never figured in my dream list of things I'd like to do. It was never my dream to wonder about how I'd feel on this day. I never thought I'd even write a post on this, heck!
But I now know that if I can do something I don't even like well enough, after a setback, forcing that kind of commitment to study things I hate, then I can do anything.
And that, THAT, is powerful stuff, folks.

Congratulations to everyone who graduated from VTU today, particularly Silverstreak, Perplexed, Akaash, and everyone else I've forgotten to mention in the blogosphere and pat yourselves on the back, you all, for it has been one unbelievable ride.

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perplexed said...

thank you:D... it feels soooo goooood!! like i want to jump on my bed kinda good!! you know i say the same thing.. if i could do something i disliked so much i can do just about anything in life!! :) congrats ~R~,B.E :)

Silverstreak said...

After all those blood, sweat and tears!!! Gonna miss it....not!

Miss M said...


Must be the best feeling ever! :)

Jayesh said...

Congrats :) I passed out a few years ago... with the absolutely essential difference:
it was info tech in my case tech not info science :D

Can remember the feeling...
If u want a sneek peak at what happens afterwards do visit my blog :)

Akaash said...

Congrats to you too :)

~R~ said...

thanks everyone!

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