Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Emma- What?!

What, and wow! This isn't my feeble attempt at trying to be these girls- They do their job phenomenally well, so I'm not even going to try. For anyone who's yet to experience the awesomeness of GoFugYourself, you should- it is the BEST way to spend time, cheer up, gossip- and hell knows most girls love gossip. Make that ALL.
But I saw that picture and couldn't help myself. I HAD to post about this. I mean, just LOOK at her again, will you?! She looks fabulous! What an incredible example of great marketing, really, I mean, for one, she has such a different image compared to most of the party girls, a nice squeaky-clean image that makes her interesting simply because she isn't ALL over the place. She makes signature brands like burberry appeal to the young and the fabulous, heck, even normal everyday-on-the-road-people like me are aching, yes, ACHING to buy this bag now. It looks fab, she looks fab, her hair looks fab, she knows how to pose, she looks so wonderfully sophisticated and british, and man, has this kid grown up or what?!
Somebody please buy me this bag. Clue:- my birthday, coming up!
What do you all think? Love it, hate it, ignore it?


CRD said...

is that emma watson??

sorry, i didnt notice the bag :P
wens ur bday btw?
wishing u a happy bday in advance :)


Silverstreak said...

By these girls you mean the Fug Girls? And yes, I do agree, she looks amazing. Very un-Hermione.

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