Tuesday, May 19, 2009

See how it has really begun

Ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

At this rate, I'm going to start truly hating some people. *refer previous post titled 'Over to the Dark Side'.*

When you've got TWO ranting posts one straight after the other, and your actual intent is actually to write about things you ponder about, not silly things like this, you know you're in trouble.

People can be complex. People can be aloof. People can mind their own business and not give a tiny hoot about you. People can be difficult.

All that I can handle.

But when people are smug, people smirk inside their heads and you can hear it outside, people try and act like they're not doing anything that will hurt you, and worst of all, people can be totally, totally inconsiderate, literally peeing their ego about all over the place like the alpha wolf, then they really deserve a slap in the face.
Unfortunately, no one really does that.

I'm struggling to contain myself, but I'm really not going to say more. I think the nice me is tugging at my strings now. She's saying, shh! Shut up, and it'll go away.

It had better.


deeps said...

thanks! :-)

ummm wait, i need to pull myself togehter i suppose before begining the third para ...

well, i wonder, if you still made the flight off the marsh cost ..
get that nice girl you are flying high...

reading your profile i felt a plato's girl touch ... interesting..

~R~ said...

Plato's girl touch? Really?
Wow, no one's ever told me that!:)

Ping said...

*looks on with pride at the baby steps*

Aradhana said...

"peeing their ego about all over the place like the alpha wolf"


Nice. *evil*

deeps said...


hope all is fine with you ...

perplexed said...

hey! where are you?? missing from the virtual world out here!! come back from wherever!

how were the exams and viva?

~R~ said...

I'm back!!:)

@perplexed- exams were good viva good, hope I pass CIPE:) you?

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