Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I hate the way you make my rhyme

Dished out, dished out
Scoop out and thrive
Sulk, Pout. Sulk, pout.
And like this, you survive.
And all because I made the same
mistake you've always made
Because it's easier for you to shift blame
It's been a while since I've felt the fade.
I'd assumed I'd get used to it
I wish I'd thought. Halt.
things should have never been this way
You think it's all my fault.
I smile, I'm scared, inside
put myself together, grains of sand.
I pretend. Avoid. Hide.
I'm the opposite of what you planned.
While I want to change, I want to be
the person you thought I was
I am my own, and you can't see
anything beyond my flaws.
Grab away, your pride above
every low I've pushed to reach
Maybe you've forgot the meaning of love
and you're too stubborn to let me teach.
So what should I do? Leave you alone
for all this to go nowhere?
Circles, circles, hushed deep tones
and I hate that it's so unfair.
because all I did, and all i want
is for you to give a little damn
i can't do more. I can't.
but I'll try even more, that's who I am.
So while you live your own world
of the things that I don't do right
All I can do, is sleep on it, curled
and pray that you won't bite.
Maybe someday you'll get how much
I tried, but you didn't budge
I don't think you'll ever see it now, as such
Dished out, shallow, the judge.
So I did what I always do, I wrote
something cheesy to get if off my mind
and strangely enough, its working. I hope.
Stand up. Shut up. Rewind.


deeps said...

galop ...galop
and keep going ...

wonderfully written

~R~ said...

Thanks so much!

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