Friday, February 13, 2009

When weather pervades your inbox

Google really knows how to do it all. I've always been a weather person, and I never felt like talking about the weather was restricted to conversations that are dull and lifeless. I feel like the weather is very much a part of our everyday changes our moods, affect how we look, what we wear, what we eat, and pretty much everything. For instance, when I went to bombay, my hair was icky and frizzy, my skin felt better, I didn't feel like wearing clothes that weren't cotton and I kept drinking juice and was generally more upbeat, but I also felt more unclean. Back in bangalore, a whole load of things changed.

When gmail introduced their themes for the inbox, I was happy but I never really gave it much interest..I just picked something called "desk" with the hope that it would make me feel professional. Today, for the first time, I actually checked out the themes they have..and they're awesome! I particularly like "tree", because it changes based on the weather in your city! That's really fun, actually...because you can identify your surroundings with it. Funky! I liked "pebbles" and "graffiti" and "planets" and "ninja" and..the list goes on. Needless to say, google's done it again. I'm yet to meet someone that doesn't like google.
It's just hard, because they come up with stuff that no one can really have any objection to.

Google is awesome, because the weather pervaded my inbox, because gmail is easy and uncluttered and simple, because my one google id works for so many applications, because I don't go a single day without using their search engine (what did people do for everyday queries before google? who did they ask?), because I can check out a book before I buy it without getting out of the house, because I can find directions to anyplace, anytime, and because of so many other reasons.

What's your favourite theme?


perplexed said...

Zoozimps! i like it coz a little head pops up on the chat window everytime there is a new message.. it is soooo cute! I like tree too.. i used to have that for sometime!

Radhika said...

Zoozimps is my favorite theme.. !! tooo cute :) I haven't checked out tree though now I want to .. Google's awesome. I will die if recession hits their servers. literally

~R~ said...

I just checked out zoozimps! You guys are IS cute!

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