Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Take THAT!!

If you've been reading my last two posts (and don't worry if you haven't), you should know by now that I cannot stand what is happening in India right now- women are being treated like rubbish. Beings composed of nothing but rubbish that is meant to be subdued, tortured, molested, hit, told what to do, and treated like what some extremist groups think they are-rubbish.
And it sure helps that the government is just sitting on its sorry ass.

But, there is something we can do. A WHOLE lot of campaigns have been springing up, from sending Mr Mutalik a whole bunch of Valentine's day cards, to going to a pub on Valentine's day and ordering ANYTHING-even juice. I love that people aren't taking the truck load of hell being flung at us, sitting down.

Presenting--the pink chaddi campaign! If you agree with my views on what's happening so far, Make SURE you check out this site..


That's a great space to get you started on flinging back something to Mr Mutalik. Buy a dirt-cheap pink chaddi. Heck, buy many. And send them to him.
Because finally, there's atleast something we can do.
I think the folks who came up with this are doing a phenomenal job. It's an absolutely brilliant idea. I think we should also find a delivery guy who will fling all the chaddis at the dude and holler, "Take that, *****!!!"

I am truly proud of my fellow Indians. Kudos.

The consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward women also have a facebook group..details are on the link I've already provided. Join, folks!
You don't have to be pubgoing or loose to join..those are just terms meant to annoy the very groups that accuse women of being nothing but that..you just have to want women to lead actual lives in India!

I'm all set to send Pink Chaddis.
I hope you are, too!

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Hiroshima said...

Who would have thought that 60 years after independence we'd still be fighting for freedom!!

Well, there was Ahimsa and today there's Pink Chaddi!


Where are we headed this Saturday? :)

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