Friday, February 6, 2009

Because we all want to get married, on the roads..

With Strangers by our side. Hey, folks..weddings are expensive, recession is here, and saving money is in. I've been reading enough and more about Brides renting out their white gowns, simply because second-hand in white-bridal-gown-land is more like been-worn-only-for-a-few-hours-and-never-again-hand. Good sense will always prevail.

Come to bangalore and experience a recession like no other- in terms of our emotional stability. Why spend millions on a fabulous wedding when the oh-so-esteemed Shri Ram Sena (which must make Lord Ram want to crack every sena-dude's skull) will marry you and your boyfriend/girlfriend on the roads if they happen to see you on valentine's day? My, my..looks like there are other people in the world who hate Valentine's day even more than me.

Yes, country is going to the dogs as we speak. Democracy is a facade while the rest of the country wastes its precious time arguing about how Slumdog Millionaire, a perfectly decent film, portrays India negatively and it's wrong (SO tempted to make my next post on that. What the heck- I will.) We're silently ignoring (By we I mean YOU, Mr yeddy..our oh-so-wow chief Minister. How can you not Ban these louts?! You are, in every way, SO UNFIT to be chief minister and I'm sure more than half the state thinks that by now.)

Wow. There is so much that's wrong around me that I'm digressing. I don't know what to vent on first!

Anyway, so..the Sena will get you married on the roads. While we're supposed to be a cosmopolitan city that celebrates diversity, we're so backward, that a sena (read Pig-heads) considers it ok, at this point in time, to marry off couples that are going out. The very same Sena, that won't ban blue films like "Doodhwaali" because they cannot ban that which will pleasure their pig-brains. So they'll ban civilian life, instead.

So..I'm gearing up for Valentine's day by making my own pepper spray. Apparently even shops selling cards will be targeted. And this has been calmly said in the papers. Our chief minister is still snoring, or farting, or GOD alone knows what, as he ignores all of this madness.

I'm single and thank god..but I sure hope the couples that don't want a fabulous cheap wedding on India's streets decide to stay put.

Valentine's day for couples is way too cheesy anyway.

Here's to spreading the love, and going back to pre-historic human behaviour.


theshootingstar said...

The Sena should be clad in those rented white gowns and married to the pigs. Valentine's day is on the agenda when half the country can't even read the word. SIGH.

Your blog title's awesome, as is your blog! Rolling you :)

perplexed said...

I want to know which arrack they have been drowning themselves in these days for them to come up with such ridiculous ideas!! Such idiots! I do not like the whole idea of Valentine's day either but for them to be wasting so much time and energy on such stupid issues in such a manner is just so silly!

DA said...

Lol....Doodhwali?? Ha ha ha, funny...Very curious how u got to know about that though :P. Jokes apart, legally any marriages that they conduct are not valid, as in, the law clearly says that any marriage conducted forcefully without the consent of the bride and groom or either one of them does not hold any legal grounds and will not be recognised (Please correct me if i'm wrong here). So really, people shouldn't make a big deal about it, just a publicity stunt at the end of it...the pathetic slobs, they really dont have anything productive to do!

Ping said...

Dude.... Doodhwaali! I remember seeing that poster somewhere!

So memorable it would be getting married on the road! As we drive on that road, 15 years from now, we can say, beta, here's where your dad and me met. Its making me angry even to be sarcastic about this issue. Grrr!

perplexed said...

you have been tagged...check out my blog for the details!

~R~ said...

yeah these people are useless..but I cannot stop myself from venting!

Hiroshima said...

Technically, beating up people for minding their own business and having a good time does not hold legal grounds!!

Someone should just castrate these ******* and leave them on the streets!


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