Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've been tagged! It's something quite simple, really, but fun!
Sure gives you something to post about:) I got tagged by perplexed. (Thanks!)
Basically, if you've been tagged (by me), you've to take the sixth picture from your sixth images/pictures folder and write about that picture. So if you've been tagged, find that picture and post!

I'm smiling. I really am.

This picture was taken in goa, when sutta, sound, minks, kee and me hit Goa! I think..two years ago! It was such a laid-back, fun trip. What you're seeing is what we attacked every morning..it's called the Chocolate Breakfast at Britto's on Baga beach- which became our favourite by far. We were hooked, the minute we got to the place. You get a cup of hot chocolate and a nice, dreamy, creamy chocolate mousse cake. And trust me, that is by far the BEST way to start a day.

So the fun part was..I couldn't actually finish my breakfast, but since it was so good, I'd keep shoving it in, anyway. So i'd be saying "Man, I can't eat another morsel!", while I'd be eating my head off! I even ate up the others' breakfasts, all the while saying that I was just going to die if I ate any more! My friend Radhika once kept calling cake "lovecake" in an attempt to get people to eat it at a party..and I did the same for the breakfast in goa!
I just couldn't bear to see chocolate ANYTHING go to waste.

Anyway, its still fun for the girls to talk about..reminding me of the glutton and hypocrite ways of mine. Cannot eat anymore but still will!

Goa was where we came up with the ritual..our ritual for those days was going to Baga near sunset, everyday, and just sitting on the beach with good food and drinks we'd picked up. It was fantastic. Ah, the ritual. We even tried some sort of revival thing once we came back, but the ritual still remains to be continued in true goa style.

And when it does, you can be assured that there will be a post on it:)

I'm passing on the tag to Radhika, Aradhana, arnika, stargazer, Akaash and shruti.
And Hiroshima, if you'd like to start blogging then I'm tagging you too. (Idea for your first post!)


perplexed said...

That sounds like heaven! :)

Akaash said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Akaash said...

The Dude abides...
(Finally got my Lebowski quote right ;) )

Radhika said...

oh no please forget about the lovecake. sigh. you're going to be telling my children the story I JUST KNOW IT !!!!!

thanks for tagging btw i'll do the thing in a couple days :)

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