Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Veil

This was initially a draft for my opening post for what was supposed to be my anonymous Blog.
Well..Look how that turned out! I Guess at some point I changed a little bit!

I crouch. I turn away. I crawl, and I hide.

Only sheer fabric separates me from the world. Sheer. But they say fine lines are the ones that make all the difference sometimes. The fine, thin strands, like wisps of material represent everything that characterize my persona- My dignity, My Personality, My voice.

I want to write my heart, soul and brains out- Out to anyone that wants to read, out to anyone who wants to see. But I want to do that without compromising my dignity. We live in a world..well..atleast..I live in a world, where some things do matter. I can't really say what I want to say, Speak how I think I should speak, and most importantly-write what I want to write- without being judged. Without others being prejudiced, Without me being..categorized. Its not a fear, its pure dislike. I dislike the possibility of being judged for how I think. I dislike being written off as this person with vague ideas. I dislike the amalgamation of the “writing me” with the “real life” me, who is obviously a lot more concealed when it comes to how she really thinks. Not because she wants to be that way..but because society unfortunately can't make the distinction between someone who is willing to be candid about things, and someone who can easily be considered a lost case. Its sad, but true.

So..I won't be categorized. I won't be judged. I will, however, write what I want, how I want to..and I hope that it all goes somewhere. Oops, I don't know where. But..I'll leave that to luck and fate.

I will write, behind my veil. But what's behind it, isn't nearly as important as what comes out through it.........

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