Monday, March 17, 2008

...and THAT, my friends, is the question....

Of all the mad, bizarre quirky things our body can do, none have awakened my insides like the Flight or Flee response. Sure, there are the hiccups (which I am yet to fully understand), The fuzzy foot cramp that makes you feel like you're full of sand, The head rush due to sitting upside down, the adrenaline rush in general, the Heat/cold rush when you swallow a bundle of ice....

But nothing really shakes you up like the Flight or flee response. I first heard about it on “Inside Eddie Johnson” on Nick, years and years ago..and I thought..”What a load of rubbish!'. But if you've never actually experienced it, then you need to go get yourself into some situations! I mean that! Then, you will finally know what I mean. And if you fight, and win, there's nothing that can make you feel better. If you flee, and escape, you might either feel like the badass who managed to make a run for it, or astonished that you didn't actually fight! Either way, you can't look back on it without pride, if you execute either response tactfully and a with slight bit of glee..I can guarantee that!

In general, I'm not really the careful, non-aggressive type. I've been known to be pretty-darn-volatile, (whether its needed or not is going to take up a lot more than a blog post) and even better (or worse, depending on perspective) -I can also be quite vocal and screechy. So, as you can probably predict..I vouch for the Fight response. Sure, the Escape provides some thrill, but Throwing in something verbally or not(Even better) atleast makes you feel like you gave it your all. You may walk away disoriented, dismissed or worse...but you can atleast walk away with some kind of participation certificate hanging asymmetrically over your partially bruised, yet still-existent Ego. Eventually, you'll even get better at it. (I'm still waiting for that day.)

My take..don't walk away. If you are waiting for the opportune moment...Its there, hanging somewhere around your zone. And fleeing will only disregard its rare occurrence in our lives.

And if you have a whole new take on this...Spill!

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