Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mirror, Mirror

Oooh, that's Interesting!
I can't wait to get it, to Try it, to buy it
I'll save it, I'll Hide it, I'll survive it........

No? Why not?
Are you curbing my enthusiasm?
Tell me WHY. I don't understand.
It all won't go just how you planned
Why do you get to decide what's banned?

Now, stop that. Really. I mean it.
Arrgh! Frustration! It's creeping in!
You act like I'm the mastermind of the greatest sin
So what? I'll be careful. Its just this once.
I really won't over-do it. Give me that chance.

Okay, you don't trust me. Fine.
I still don't get your view and you don't want to get mine.

Sshhh...Don't tell anyone. I got it. I know! This is so exciting!
So what's the harm if I check it out once, right? No biggie. NO sweat.
Hah! That's it? Why is it made out to be such a big threat?
I can learn for myself. See? I handled that okay...
I handled that okay...okay...okay...

I shouldn't have.
Why didn't anyone tell me? You told me? No shit! You didn't tell me.
How was I to know it would be this bad?
You'd think I'd have gone ahead then? I'm not that mad.
But we've established that you didn't tell me.
Ok,maybe you did. But I'm not going to admit that to anyone. You know me.

Years later..
No. NO! I'm sure that's interesting.
But no.
You don't need to know why not.
Yes, that's exactly what I once thought.
Experience teaches you everything. Trust me. That's why I get to Decide.
And no, you can never be that careful. Uh-huh. Yes, I'm right.
Quit acting like a punk.
I know I'm right. I know you think I'm not.
Nevermind. Someday you'll get it.

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