Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Eve Aint gonna Like that!

........."Stating that the group cannot identify the real accused in the case as it was dark at the spot, Derek "described" the incident and alleged that the girls were drunk, abusive and kissing their companions in public."........

This is not about the Juhu Incident. Most people have heard about the Juhu Incident. For those of you who haven't, 2 women were Molested and groped by 70 men on new years eve, at juhu beach. I'm not going to provide any further stats, or tell you how garrish and shocking the whole incident was. You probably (and hopefully) already know that.

What you also know, and don't question (maybe you do) is that women are often blamed for most of the incidents, just like the opening quote showed you. All I can do is laugh so hard, there are tears in my eyes. The girls were drunk and abusive? They were kissing their companions? All I want to ask, is...SO WHAT? So goddamn what?? So what if they were? How does that justify being molested by SEVENTY men, each of which deserve to be hung a thousand times over? Does that imply that it is all the womens' fault? I'm laughing harder. I'm also crying. All women are.

I'm running the risk of sounding feminist, but I can assure you that this has nothing to do with feminism. This has to do with basic common sense. Something a lot of people seem to lack, especially Journalists. And here's the most hilarious part. Women Journalists too. Some women seem to have a very ridiculous take on most crimes against women. Yes, I know, No one in their senses should've gone to Juhu on new years eve when drunk men are everywhere. I get that. But then, looking at the rape statistics, no women in her right mind should go anywhere.

I've been subject to eve-teasing, molestation, and seen my friends go through it and I can tell you this-If you think its situation dependent, you need a reality check. If you think It happens if you wear miniskirts, or if you go clubbing often, or if you walk around in the night, you're sadly mistaken. It does happen, but it also happens in BROAD DAYLIGHT. Which means you can never be too careful. And which means, you can never wear nice clothes, or never have a good time.

Why does the fairer sex have to be subject to that? You can't blame women for thinking all men are hound dogs with absolutely no control over their shameful brains, if this is the case. How on earth can you blame a woman, if it happens in broad daylight? It happens in buses, in autos. In other countries I'm sure it happens everywhere, too. It happens at the railway stations and airports. yes, airports. And if you say you've never heard these cases-women don't report them. Most of them are too harassed to go through the Oh-so-enjoyable route of reporting a case and having something judicial happen in India. Most women would rather just shut their troubled selves up.

So are women to blame? Sure, if they're not careful and if they're actually being provocative. And by that I don't mean wearing jeans or a skirt, for heaven's sake. Wearing a skirt does not have an automatic label on it saying "I'm ok with anything". Its a skirt. Not a label. And let her wear a leaf, for all you care. Why do men have to molest her forcefully? Why can't they just understand that that's not how it should work?

You'd think of asking these men..don't you have sisters, or wives, or mothers,or daughters? But that makes no difference. People even molest their family members sometimes. Such people don't deserve to live. Its as simple as that.

Most men do have a semblance of respect for their family members atleast(Thank god for small favours), and considering that...Its ridiculous how the photographers during the Juhu incident started taking pictures instead of rescuing the women. "But there were 70 men..what could we do"..is their argument? What would they have done if those women were their daughters, sisters or wives? Taken pictures?

Ever heard of women harassing men? What a ridiculous thought, right? Then why doesn't that line of thought hold for the other way around? No one thinks. Educated, Literate people are often found behaving like mongrels. They never think, while they're doing it. They never think..what if that girl was my daughter, or sister, or wife, or...me?

What's worse...if you think you can call the cops for help..they sometimes play key roles in these events. You can never be sure who to trust. You never know who's going to behave in what way.

Its sad, but everyone talks about it, including me, and nothing can be done about it. All women can do, I suppose, is to raise their kids so that they have some respect for women, instead of behaving like animals with a bloody retarded value system. What's sad, is that all of this makes men who do possess that respect, look like they belong to the rest of the pathetic party.

Eve doesn't like all that. She doesn't like it at all. But no one thinks of that.
I wonder if they ever will.

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