Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Aftermath

To put things mildly, I might write about college a lot. And mostly not very positively. It's hard for most people to think of college as something positive (anyone under VTU, anyway) and I'm usually pessimistic with a vengeance. Put that together and you get...Hell. Yup, Two days of hell, in sixth sem and I'm already so sick of it all, It takes every inch of my almost non-existent patience to keep from lamenting about the sorrow of being there. See, I'm the kind of person who NEVER gets bored in holidays. Being jobless is something I haven't associated myself with for the last four years, probably. So holidays are heaven. And after the second day of college, I can safely say that I'm experiencing an exhaustion that prisoners would be able to relate to.

Making yourself Pay attention in class is exhausting. What's actually even more exhausting (And I actually think so) is pretending to pay attention. Why not actually pay attention, you ask? In a word-boring. The day does all it can to remind me of why an MS degree is off the table. This science thing...For so long....Incredible. And under VTU...so incredible that you can't take it. So much so that attending all classes even on day one of Sixth Sem (code word -War six) was impossible. Ho, hum. To make things more dull...this whole thing suddenly makes me feel like I'm doing absolutely nothing with my life. I'm sure no one wants their epitaph to read "There she just sat, in class." I know I don't.

So once we got through the day (which did a considerable amount of mental damage, I can assure you) some of us couldn't just go home. We needed something. Something to seem like, after the war, we could make peace with our oh-so-bored minds. So we went to the BDA and had good old chaat and mithai and Sugarcane Juice. All for 25 bucks! Wasted around, walked around. And boy, student life is something else. There's just a certain joy in knowing you can eat some mouth watering paani puri for less than ten bucks. Having a lot of dosh is everyone's dream...but the mad delight of eating and travelling cheap and enjoying it...That's something everyone should experience. Then you can sit back years from now and talk about the good old days like everyone does. Ho, hum.

So it struck me....Maybe to enjoy the peace, the freedom, the aftermath...to truly, really feel that joy, we need the war. Maybe, to actually appreciate those precious few hours of fun, we need those hours of torture in class. Not want, but need. With the Yin comes the Yang, they say. Sad, but true. Relief is a spectacular thing, really. And its best felt in the smallest, teensy things. We do a lot of fun stuff...but the simple, unplanned things end up being the Best.

So the aftermath turned out okay. Back to square one, tomorrow morning, and every morning for the rest of this sem! But I'm going to try and take comfort in knowing that the aftermath...might just make it all somewhat worth it.

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Dredger said...

i think im growing fond of your rather far reaching choice of topics! btw, parts 2&3 are up and runnin.. u cud take a look at it and lemme know ur thots if its not too much to ask!

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