Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Of needles, seat-belts, piercings and everything in between

Human beings are something else, really. Sometimes I think of science as this big throw-and-catch game between man and the universe, and sometimes, man versus man, himself. It's almost humbling to watch how Man constantly brings about innovation in his own life. Everytime there's a new problem, Man goes about finding a way to solve it. Take diseases, for instance. When I was growing up, chickenpox didn't really have a vaccine..those were the days when parents would send their kids to play with kids who had already contracted the disease, just so they could be done with it when they were still young. Now, there's a vaccine. There's also a debate on how effective it is, but neverthless, someone's tried to prevent it.
Ditto for inventions that Man...well, invents. Man makes cars that can crash- so he invents seatbelts. Man makes boats that can sink- so he makes life jackets. (that could've worked the other way around, I suppose.) Man makes guns that can kill- so he makes bulletproof material.
All in all, Man is pretty darn awesome.

If you're wondering why all the sudden hoopla on Man, well, I had to get a tetanus shot today. Ouch! Fortunately, it's been a while since I've been subject to the horror of injections, and boy, do I hate them. Just the sight of the big pointy shiny needle gives me the heebie-jeebies. I've actually graduated from my teen years with minimal hospital experience- no fractures, no intravenous ANYTHING, no hospitalization, in fact. Nice, clean record.
Which is probably why I'm even more of a chicken-head when it comes to these things.

Anyway, I guess the nice lady at the clinic saw the paranoia written on my face, because she offered to give me the injection close to my Butt. At first, I was confused. Wasn't that for teeny-tiny little babies? I'm no baby! I came here all fearless and independent and with the whole woman-of-the-world who isn't afraid of a needle exterior! Fake or real, I came with it!

But good sense prevailed, and I let her do her job. I must say, she was smart, because supposedly, for people with a Zero tolerance for pain, the injection on the arm is a real pain. Sure, my side hurts, but I am so relieved that it's over.

Moving on to BIGGER and BETTER news..a friend of mine got her belly-button pierced! Hence the extra needle-mania. It looks stunning, scorching hot. It's a little freaky, the piercing process, but she handled it well..I think I would've been gagging or fainting or god knows what else. It looks really, REALLY good, and I think with tiny clothes or with a sari, it definitely adds to the gorgeous factor. I would kill for an eyebrow piercing, but If I can't even handle a regular tetanus shot with pure panache, there isn't much hope left for me, is there?!

Also, wear a seatbelt. I really wish I could elaborate, but I don't think I'm ready to, yet. Or that I should, yet. All I can say, is that a seat-belt saved my life, and I don't even want to think of anybody NOT wearing one. Besides, I think people look quite cool with it know, all buckled up and ready to hit the road. I don't mean to sound like a cop, but, again, NEVER FORGET YOUR SEATBELT!

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