Sunday, March 15, 2009

A lot like love

I used to love them. Those love songs
Back when I was still there, a place so wrong
and I didn't know better. Words, spun around
into synonyms, the same way, the same sound.
and I used to wonder, how people make
these songs that had the same lyrics. Lyrics, fake.

"They draw the chicks out at at concerts", he said.
Friends put perspective in my head
and I listened, learnt, wrote my very own
and I'm reading them now. Now, I've grown.

Suddenly, everything isn't black and white
and love isn't the brightness. The beauty, the light.
Heck, I don't even know what love is
and if I'll need it someday, or give it a miss.

I believe you love people you grow up with for a while
because they walk with you, for miles.
and because we get attached, and used to them, and we're wired
to hate change, hate new, and adjusting makes us tired.
love at first sight is superstition. The ultimate myth.
I know I detest that myth, every bit.

But there are people. And people. who stay.
people. who can't go away.
people I need. People that watch me grow.
But don't ask me what love is, because I don't think I know.

Maybe someday I'll be with someone. like what others do.
Maybe someday I'll change how I feel about you
And even if I never say it, or believe it
We'll be in it, I suppose....A lot like love.


pavan kunch said...

Nice lines:)

TheNewGirl said...

wow this is really good, deep but still funny. keep writing

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