Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Mangalore Marathon

Oh yes, it did happen. I'd really like to Blog about my vacation instead, but women are women, and solidarity comes first. We can count on this nation to redefine democracy every single time, to the extent of me putting this before my trip. Congratulations, my fellow Indians, specifically many, many men, for behaving like the stinking mound of crap that no amount of education and exposure will ever sterilize. Pride yourselves on this- Being hindus, not only have you completely failed to understand hinduism, you've also simultaneously managed to revert India back to the years of yore, when girl-child was a bad word.

What did you expect, the bravery award?

For those of you who still need an introduction, Mangalore's pub..Amnesia, I think, was raided by around 40 men (my facts are not perfect, and that's not what this post is about. Use google.) These bloody mongrels are from the so-called Sri Ram Sena, a group that not only brings total disgrace to the name of Lord Ram, it also justifies the later part of the name- Sena. An army of people, with hypocrisy and testosterone running in their veins, and so-called religion running in their stupid minds.

Normal women who were in the pub that day were beaten, molested, harassed, and there are videos all over the place of them running, running the marathon of their lives. These dastardly men, with their gonads for brains. It is pretty clear that they won't be reading this, for I'm sure they don't possess what it takes to READ, let alone use the internet, but I'm going to vent anyway.

ISSUE #1: What the heck do you know about hinduism?
So, men can do whatever the hell they want. These very same Sena Ass-wipes must we be drinking their heads off, or even dealing with ganja and narcotics. Who the hell knows? When the head of the narcotics control department in India deals in drugs, anything is possible. And Hinduism has nothing to do with pubs or drinking. The religion couldn't care less, as long as you're a decent human being, something our Sena Ass-wipes never learnt.

ISSUE #2: Again, what do you know about hinduism? Bloody idiots.
Last time I checked, folks..Molesting women wasn't recommended in ANYthing to do with hinduism. Neither was taking over law and order when it wasn't your place. You condemn women for just sitting in a pub, but god will bless you when you try grabbing them everywhere? Stupid louts. Don't you have mothers? Poor them.

ISSUE #3: The media that..did nothing.
Seriously, you HELP people in distress before you tape them getting molested! Idiots! Can't you buy someone else's video? Would you have taped your sister or mother getting molested? You should all be jailed.

ISSUE #4: This has become a political issue.
So, dear politicians, lets see your mother or sister get molested, and you being forced to sit there and watch the idiots on tv argue about politics instead of having some justice prevail. While you're in jail.
Looking forward to that, really.

Mera Bharat Mahan.
Too bad we've a population of some humans, and a million sexually frustrated, smelly, pompous ass-wipe goats.
And that's a grave insult to goats everywhere.

I hope you all die, suckers.


Hiroshima said...

Each and every one of these ASSHOLES should be castrated and put back on the streets... Let's see them deal with the harsh reality that they DON'T have a brain and the organ they were substituting it with have disappeared as well!!

DEATH is BLISS for these FREAKS!!

DA said...

@Issue 1-shri ram sena apparently has no issues with drinking, etc. They specifically have an issue with WOMEN indulging in drinking, religion is just a front for their cause, maybe post puberty they'll mature enough to understand whats right...lets hope so...
But yeah, meanwhile, lets not comment on how Islamists view the event (the "You've got that confused with Islam..." bit), while that certainly may be true, I don't think you were trying to condone the fact that if those were muslim women and muslim activists that chased/harassed/molested them, then it would've been perfectly okay...unless of course thats eaxctly what you meant, in which case you're just another wild savage somehow blessed with a 110+ IQ. Fortunately, I'm guessing its not... :)

@Issue 3- "you HELP people in distress (especially damsels)..." umm...apart from the age old Damsel In Distress euphemisms, I think we as a society need to move away from "Looking at men and women as equals BUT still looking at women as victims and expecting special privileges / honours / priorities". Moving away from the perception that men are dominant might be just the tipping point we need to bring a sense of balance, but then again, you had a right of view and this is just my opinion on the same. For me, "The press/media should've helped..." PERIOD!

@Issue 4 - to quote namma bengaluru's CM "...this has to be blamed on the pub culture...". Seriously now?? WTF? Next he'll go on to say that the electricity shortage should be blamed on the business culture, why don't we all just bring the economy to a halt huh?? Looks like this is never gonna be resolved in the right way anytime in the foreseeable future. Also, to quote the Sri Ram Sena head when spoken to - "My people have not done anything wrong, this is how it should be done..." before going on to say that its a very small thing and should not be given any importance...@#$@%@#@!

Hmmm...I believe in our democratic setup, and I vote to have him shot...!

Oh, and I hope you stay clear off the streets for a while, the last I heard, the goats were out looking for you... :P

~R~ said...

wow! long, long comment!
Well...fair enough, regarding your comment on issue #1, and I didn't mean that if this had to do with muslim women or activists, it would be okay. Even then, it definitely wouldn't, and to avoid coming across differently, i took out those lines. Thank you!
Regarding issue #3, I get the whole women shouldn't be given special honours and priorities, but I just couldn't help myself from acting like they do, in this situation. Men everywhere victimize women(apart from messing with other men), and in this case..those sick men decided to beat up a whole load of women, a lot more, compared to men. I guess that's what tipped the balance for me this time. (sorry!)
And well..the goat metaphor was because of the goat-like bleating I get to see on TV. But I'll watch out!

~R~ said...

@Hiroshima- start a blog! You could use the venting arena:)

Anonymous said...


I say, try the guys with charges of molestation and assault. After all, that's what they did.

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