Friday, January 2, 2009


I've just had a fabulous one hour- I caught up on all the blogs that I hadn't read in what can only be rightly describes as ages. This is fun. I got to see what they've been going through for the last couple of weeks. Good, eh? This blogging thing..yeah, it has some serious perks for people who like to read and write.

Anyway, happy new year! I'd actually show more enthusiasm, either by the liberal use of the ever-popular '!' or by putting up some google image of a sunrise, or fireworks or a champagne bottle. But, consider this- I didn't get to celebrate on New Years Eve. I'd an exam on jan 1st (gag moi. gag, gag, gag) and my celebrations happened last night. It was great really, all spontaneous and great. Us, my friends and I, aren't very good with the spontaneous planning. Simply because we all live in different worlds. So when we do manage to, well, (for lack of a better term) spontaneously hang out, it is brilliant.
Lets just say that I'm still recovering. *snigger*

Goodbye, 2008! The ever-clich├ęd 'good things and bad things' list is something I'd love to do, but my memory has just said tata buh-bye and vanished. Overall, I managed to get two jobs (one which I will definitely not get a call-letter for any time in the near future), I managed to pass RIA this semester (trust me- now THAT was torture) and I've had great fun..I will miss being in college. Being in final semester is just very very pathetic. Boy, does time fly. Supersonic speeds, at that.

On the flip side, I've truly made a mockery of what cannot even be classified as a CAT effort, I haven't lost weight and I haven't learnt how to manage time properly. I wish I could come up with some more fun things, but I can't. I know, I'm that pathetic. I've also embarrassed myself on way too many occasions, but I like myself even more for such things.
*snigger again*

January is looking pretty peachy, what with two trips arriving on the horizon yet again, ambition in the air and yes..I changed my blog name! Its more me, that's why. Why didn't I change it before? I have no idea. Maybe holidays makes you do things you'd ordinarily never do. I have no idea.

Also, also. People can be extremely different sometimes. And you know what I don't like? People who state the obvious ALL the time. Here's the best part- I do that a lot. I am going to change that. It annoys me beyond reason.

I also don't like people who have screen-names like 'Anon'. If that's your actual name, I'm sorry. If it isn't, I really don't know what to say- looks like the pathetic fuzzy set has lots of contenders.
(courtesy fuzzy logic. I've had a serious overdose of studying in december.)

Here's to yet another new year that doesn't feel like one, many many instances of writing 2008 by mistake, and to 2010..because there is NO way I will be studying on 31st dec, 2009.

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perplexed said...

2009 is probably the one year we are all looking forward to... with engineering done and starting that new life we have all fantasized bout! so here's wishing you a great 2009 ahead! Happy new year! :)

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