Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello, hey

So far, I've been super busy. Doing nothing, really..but..I've yet to feel bored. I always have enough and more that I've got happening!For instance, adt and the girls(:)) stayed over all weekend! And I've played so much wii (and watched wii playing) that I cannot look at it anymore! Anyone want to gift me new games? Will be much appreciated!

I've also got people coming over for two consecutive dinners (thanks to my super-social parents!) and a lot of gossip girl to watch! (Yeah, i thought it was lame right at the beginning too, but now I'm addicted to it! It's so weird, this transformation!) and I've a whole lot more of tv shows to watch, and beat this- I'm running out of time! In the holidays! Weird, eh?

I've also got a trip coming up..udaipur, from 20th to 27th! Those of you who are sick of my blogging, say yay! I will not be posting during that time.
Which is why I must keep these filler-posts coming right now.

See you soon-est!



perplexed said...

I am canceling dinner plans on the 19th citing some lame reason just so that I can watch gossip girl!!

Hiroshima said...

I'm surprised you didn't sign off with XOXO.. :)

rammy said...

@ perplexed- hahahaha! High five! That's really quite awesome! Which episode, which season are you on? I finished episode 12 season 2 and I don't have anymore! I'm dying to get more.

@hiroshima- Lol, fair enough, but I have my own style, you know! (What that is, exactly, I have no idea.)
But gossip girl really has gotten the better of the 'girly' side of me. Cannot resist!!

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