Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Poopy Piggy on the railway, picking up stones....

Keeping in sync with my poetry phase (Now, now...don't groan just yet)..I have decided to do two very brave things. One, To print a poem that I wrote YEARS ago in school. Now before you assume that this is yet another far-fetched, seemingly glassy eyed, very contemplative mood-ish poem, let me assure you that all this poem will do is accomplish the contrary- Show you my sheer, pure, unadulterated stupidity.
Two- to print this in this colour. It is not me.

But wait! This is not how stupid I am now! (That, is a separate topic of discussion, one that some of my friends would simply love to talk about endlessly, over coffee or beer, at your convenience).

This is about how silly I was in school. See, this is a poem I wrote then, And this is proof to the entire education system- this is what students are driven to out of sheer boredom in class! Do something soon, to stop such childish madness!

Also, I would like you to keep in mind that this was a long time ago, back when I was jobless, childish, immature, had quite a ridiculous imagination, was extremely fond of rhyming scheme and overall, quite silly. (Ha! And you think those things have changed.....).

Important: This piece is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to any person alive or dead, is purely co-incidental. (Anyone from PESIT will know what I mean)

POOPY PIG- A short, musical poem.

I Sniff my snout and it is dirty, so I begin to dig.
Confused? Don't be, for I am Poopy Pig.

I Live in my luxury sty, filled with extra hay
That I empty out when it gets too smelly, each may.

I wiggle out and blush, I see the love of my life...
Its Pimply Pig, the beauty who I want to make my wife!

I run out, flash my dazzling smile, and wink
I suddenly feel embarrassed and turn a bright pink.

Pimply winks at me, and I feel a delicious shiver
She pouts her lips out and I then start to quiver!

But wait! She's smiling at someone else! Now, I'm hurt.

She's my queen, and now she's such a big flirt!
She's looking at Prince-y pig, that rich piece of crap.

One of these days, I'd like to give him one tight slap!

Prince-y gives her a daisy, and she beams with pride

Oh, how it hurts to see that jackass at her side!

He whisks her away on his bike, and I'm left in the cold...

Its simply awful how pretty damsels go after gold...
I decide to go get a job, and try earn some money,

and kick prince-y's ass. Now that, would be funny.

I try a bunch of things, from farming to software
and All i could buy, was new clean underwear.
So I contemplated stealing, but I know that's not right...
I'm a principled Pig, and stealing gives me a fright!

So I decide to shape up, and look like a charming guy,

But I'm wayyy too fat...It won't work...Sigh!
So I go back to my sty, feeling so sad

And there was Pimply Pig! The joy drove me mad!

She hugged me and said, "Oh, Poopy, You're the one."

"You're my sunshine, and besides, you're so much fun!"

"Prince-y may be rich, prince-y may be fancy,

But he's such a jerk, and oh-so-pansy!

He has no character, and He's such a bore!

He talks only about himself and my ears are sore.

You, however are sweet, nice to talk to, and kind...

And I'd love to date you, If you don't mind!"

So now, finally, Pimply's mine, 24*7

and I, Poopy Pig, am in Piggy Heaven.


Taylor said...

Fucking fantastic. This must be my favourite of the lot. :)

Ramya Rajan said...

Thanks! Mine too, I think!

Akaash said...

But really, who's Pimply?

Ramya Rajan said...

Hmm...Ideally I'd say that Pimply's identity is left up to your imagination, but then again, college has taught me NOT to do that. (Reference: my title, band s**t)
So, I'll stick by....Pimply bears NO resemblance to anyone alive or dead. Any resemblance is purely co-incidental.

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