Thursday, April 3, 2008


the myriad mud patches, a toothy grin
we're kids outside, we're kids within
“Behave!”, they said, we didn't want to do so
we thought we'd be this way for as long as we know.
we laughed at others, we learnt even faster
how to laugh at ourseleves, the world was our oyster
we cried when upset, we cried when hurt
we ridiculed freely and when we criticised we were curt
the best part though, was that the day after we fought
the past was buried. the horrid things, we forgot.

it was so easy, so smooth. and then we learnt of pimples
no, no. its all not the same now. grow up. its simple.
and we tried, we changed, that openness we held
the way we learnt and forgave, the way our memories would melt
the way intricacies didn't matter
the way we didn't care about money or stature
the way anything grownups seemed to fight about
seemed way too trivial. and then we started finding out
firsthand. issues cropped up in me, issues cropped up in you
i thought it was normal, and it seemed like you did, too.

we can't scream anymore. that's the first thing i miss
we can't relapse into hours of infantile ignorant bliss
we can't shout when we want, get out what we want
because we've learnt to try and control what we really can't
and while it can't change, while we're taught to distill
every emotion that we were born to be able to spill
i still think, sometimes, we should go back in time
and live. and i mean really, live, like those memories of mine
where we fought over ice cream for hours and in the end
offered it to each other and saved up money so we could spend
on each other and when nothing mattered more to me
than you, and nothing mattered more to you than me
and everything else was secondary.

1 comment:

radhika said...

this is beautiful :)
i love how you have a way of putting into words all these things i feel

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