Saturday, April 18, 2009

If you're sitting around and wondering what's the most confusing problem in the world, well, don't worry any longer. It's very simple- People. People are the beginning and end of every problem in the world. Okay, Almost. That still counts for a lot.

I didn't think so till a while ago. I thought nuclear weapons was a confusing problem. The existence of life elsewhere was a confusing problem. Global Warming was a confusing problem.
Image Segmentation was a confusing problem.

And *poof!* There it was, right behind it all, the only problem that causes every problem. Humans. Everywhere, everytime. It's almost funny, how we cause our own problems, and then consider them to be mysteries of the worst kind. They aren't! They're all brainchildren of ours, as twisted and ridiculous and sometimes, just as plain stupid as their creators. We, truly, are our own worst enemies. And no, there isn't a best friend anywhere in that equation.

Nuclear Weapons would be used only for productive purposes, if only the people all over the world agreed on it. We have North Korea doing its own thing, SO many different treaties- NATO, CTBT, NPT, and..wait for the best part...all of them are different! People, all bunching up, all wanting different things. Yes, WE the people are the source of it all.

Global Warming? I sure hope the remaining four fingers are pointing right back at you when you point one out at someone. Global Warming isn't just a problem, its karma laughing in our faces. Yes, folks..we deserve to die in this heat (a sentence previously unimaginable in Bangalore) everyday and look like grime-balls. We created the grime.

AIDS is our fault, because we can't seem to be able to unanimously control it. Maybe if we had all these issues under control, we'd focus on things like extra-terrestrial life and Image segmentation, and solve those problems. Right now, we've great minds being forced to dilute their energies on the million dominos we threw around. They're all coming back.

So the next time you think something sucks, maybe you should take a nice good look in the mirror. Maybe you caused your own hell. Just, maybe. Maybe you didn't, and maybe you did. Either way, People are at the core of everything. So it's still under your control, whatever it is that's storming down on your path.
If we cause our own problems, then its only fair that we do whatever it takes to fix them.
Except cause problems while doing the fixing, of course....


Stargazer said...

Alright, so its been a long time. I'd retreated to my shell for some period of time. But, here I am, back again, to disagree with you. :-)
I'll give you the global warming thing. That is our fault and we've seen it coming for a long time and not done a thing about it.
The other things you've mentioned though are another matter altogether.
Problems exist, we just give them a name. We aren't the causes of the problem, we aren't the solution to it, we're the witnesses to it. We owe it to ourselves that the problems exist and we owe it to ourselves to try and survive them, to outlive them, to find solutions to them.
Rabies and mad cow disease and AIDS and cancer would all have existed if humans hadn't been the most advanced species on the planet. World hunger and famine and weather anomalies and the Bermuda triangle would all have existed if we didn't.
We just named them. We gave them an identity.
One way of looking at it is that they're fortunate, we gave them an identity.
We had to search for 2 million years before we found ours.

~R~ said...

Hello! Hope the shell was *just* as fun!:)
It's good you disagree with me, it helps me learn! You learn from other people too, right? I know I do.
I agree about the identity bit. It's just that it gets overwhelming when we dish out so many identities, many of which we not only name, but create.

Stargazer said...

Paranoia is a necessity.
If it didn't exist, we'd have been blown to bits by now.
Global warming would have exacerbated to a point at which the water would have been above our head, both literally and figuratively.
The creation of identities is also an unfortunate side effect of creativity and ingenuity.
One that I'd live with, simply because the pros outweigh the cons.
I'd rather not live in a world dulled and greyed by the limitations that we impose on ourselves.
Unbounded creativity and limited necessity are the driving forces of progress.
Misguided morality fueled by immense intellect are deterrents of it.
We have all of these in equal measure.
I'd still live them all. The pros still outweigh the con(vict)s.

pavan kunch said...

I somewhat in a dilemma after reading the post and the comments:0
Well I can say the human brain is the most wonderful and most destructive entity ever to have existed...So in a way it all boils down to how people perceive things

Akaash said...

I didn't cause my own hell! VTU did!!

Excellently written post :)

Anonymous said...

hmm... some good posts here ..

good blog.


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