Saturday, October 25, 2008

Genetic Cocktail

Why do some people have certain abilities? I'm not talking heroes type abilities here, just..the extra awesome things some people are born with. Some people call this being gifted. Some say a greater percentage of that person's brain (left or right) is being used, and better. Some say it has a lot to do with the person's environment and bringing up patterns.
Some call this luck. Some call it destiny.

I call it a genetic cocktail.

You know how some drinks are better than the others, some drinks are more well known, some drinks are liked instantly and some others call for an acquired taste? Some impress immediately. Some have more body. Some are just made of higher quality ingredients.
Different people prefer different drinks, yes. But some have a long-standing success rate at bars.

I believe that people are just like the drinks they like.

Some people are born with a sharp, well flavoured, well blessed genetic cocktail. Their genes quite literally, arrive and perform at command. These people are generally the exceptionally talented, exceptionally gifted, exceptionally successful ones. Their cocktail is good, and it only keeps getting better with work and practice.

Now..why does the bartender of life give the elixir type cocktail only to a select few? Worse..when he did dish these out, was I passed out or sleeping or already chugging away on a regular, boring old drink?


DA said...

I think you (just a personal opinion) couldn't have been more right and more wrong at the same time. As you said, some drinks are there to stay the moment they touch your lips and set your soul on fire or whatever holistic poetic crap-manner of speaking you want to bring that out in...and then you have the others which require an acquired taste, much like the rich wines from the French Riviera or the subtler Chardonnay wines, etcetera, etcetera. (You could extend the analogy to scotch, malts, etc. but I picked with it) much simliar to how the talents or skills that we need or rather want (cuz the want identifies the need without which we would be ignorant of its absence in the first place) have to be acquired over time and properly cultivated.

Much like cars, you can have automatics rolled out of factories and they'd work darn well for almost everyone, but if you can get around to working a manual, you'd REALLY get what you want out of the car, be it better mileage, better pick up, or better handling around those sharp curves...the downside being that its not a ready to whirr machine that takes no practice before you roll it out of your garage for a nice lil spin around the block. Come to think of it, it might just be a blessing in disguise... ;)

rammy said...

You're right, it just might be a blessing in disguise. But until you learn to work with the awesomeness, its a very painful disguise too!

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