Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yay! This blog is finally being shutdown and hopefully that 'sayonara' means someone can free up some space on the internet!

Except, no one can.

Yes, that's right.

Shock Number One: Shutting down this blog may not really delete that website forever from the face of cyber-space, unless someone from some mildly important seeming organization is actually asked to do it.

Shock Number Two: This blog is not being shut down.

Are you happy? If so, you officially fall in the list of 'people who I absolutely adore'. If not, hey..I don't blame you. My condolences, though.

Anyway..I am saying sayonara for the rest of this month. For that, you had to do all this,you ask? Of course I had to!
See, I have exams coming up (If you've read the last two posts, and you still don't know that then you're nor reading, are you!). So Dear Readers (assuming there is such a category here)..unless I am desperate to vent, I shall not be blogging for a little while. Hmm..in fact there's already enough about how VTU really bites, right? I think one thing that's definitely worse than studying under VTU is having a chameleon in my mouth. For sure.
(Thank you aditi, for helping me figure that one out. It took time, folks.)

So I shall doom myself to the vicious books, and only hope that I live to tell the tale (oh wait, but I've already said too much about VTU. Oh what the heck, I'm human).

Until then, I strongly suggest you either
a) send me some 'get well soon' cards
b) learn up all sarah jessica parker's lines in sex and the city (NO I will not put her name in capitals, what is wrong with you?!)
c) learn how to say "Hello, hello to you again" in japanese
d) read someone else's blog

And please put up links to all of this as comments. The japanese, the lines, or other nice blogs. If you can, that is.

*Hysteric waving good-bye..for now*

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