Sunday, June 15, 2008

In the midst of this disgusting thing called a data stream

The weather is just so nice these days. Such perfectly lovely weather. La la la! Bangalore has finally, brought out what it does best..its delectable weather. People think the weather is something you talk about when you have nothing else to say. This might be true in awkward situations, but in my case, I talk about the weather because it has a DIRECT impact on how my day is going to be. Hot and sultry? Bring out the tissues and the complaints and the face wash and the many baths and the irritation and the deodorant. Sunny and Blue skies? Bring out the sunglasses. Windy and chill? Bring out the coffee and the smile on my face. Rain? Bring out me! Or bring out the umbrella, if I'm wearing white. Hehe...

So WHY am I doomed to studying for an exam I can't STAND right at this lovely time when others aren't? Why is my luck so terrible?
WHY must I subject myself to such a depressive state of affairs when I should be out there enjoying that vacation air? WHY WHY WHY!!??
July 4th will be a day where I will finally have endorphins in my system again.
(yeah, I know. Too much House M.D.)

Evil, I tell you. Lady Luck is just so evil to anyone who's in VTU. She just heads us toward intending doom, every single time. Bites us right where it hurts.
Boy, I can't wait for this to end.
I think I need some Prozac.

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Chaitali said...

Hey Ramya!
This is Chaitali. ;p I read the comment you left on my blog -
so I was reading yours. Some really thought-provoking stuff on here. :P
Also, thanks for the comment! You rock.
oh, and Im in a Dehradun school - St. Joseph's and yeah, Im 15 currently. :]

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