Saturday, September 25, 2010

We spend most of our lives either hating change or desperately wanting it. I'd always been extremely averse to change until I realised that the good kind of change was happening to a lot of people around me. Then I became obsessed with change. I wanted it, scouted it, so badly wanted those good change event-type things to happen to my life.

Now I'm growing up and I realise that sometimes I don't get to decide. It was never really about whether I wanted change or not.

It's about whether I need change. And how I deal with it when it comes.
*wise grin*


Prateek Ranganathan said...

Your change is coming soon :) We both know it :)

v said...

what is with all the suspense? Tell us!! :) well.. whatever it is.. good luck and hope you have loads of fun!

MissYaya said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Change has become a bit of an obsession to me at this point and your post rings true. Sometimes its not about all the wanting and yearning, but whether or not we need it. Very wise indeed.

Shruti said...

:) How true that it's not in our control.

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