Saturday, January 9, 2010


Stutter, Sputter. That morning cup of milk. Hurried gulps and buttons pressed. Thumb Impressions. Songs I hear everyday. To wash out the other sounds. Bite me, on the way. And yes, I'm still going to need coffee. Sputter, sputter. Blinding lights. That's what air looks like on the outside. Shampoo, rains, drains and musk all rolled into one. Passively, but only for now. Excitement in the air. That you just can't catch. Is someone watching? Doesn't matter. Messages. Interruptions. Interruptions. White electronic canvas. No watch. No time. Fast forward. Faster. Beeps. Sunshine. Stark contrast. Musty. Ladles and spoons. Smile. Clank. Why did I say that? Rethink. Analyse. Assess till my mind hurts. You really should smile all the time. and What is that smell? Never leaves. Tic tac toe. breathmint. Chills. hot air. Wash, dry, sanitize. Serve. One line. Too unpredictable. WHY? Can't stop. Cookies. Cream. Sugar. Yesterday. The corner of the fridge. Around the corner. Upstairs, downstairs. Not good enough. Tick, tock. it's all relative. jealousy. Black and white. The smell-whiff mix. Why, why.
hours. days. minutes. not years. last chance. first. no. your way. if you leave. cackle, cackle. Ringing peals of laughter. efficiency. Try. Why try. Differences between surprises and shocks. Realizations. suppressed. Opinionated. Who isn't? Bothered. Who is? Fading lights. Was this supposed to happen? starlights and smoke and haze and wind and light. Lightspeed. Three. Two. One. Reality check. And that, too, will fade. but that, shouldn't. Waiting in line. Where's the exit sign? Stand up. Shut up. Rewind.


Silverstreak said...

Life. Fucks. Us. All.

Awesome post!

arun said...

wow! What was that :)

Radhika said...

I like :) a lot

Radhika said...

Too much moderation here :(

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