Thursday, February 14, 2008


Six Reasons why Bangalore Bites:

1. The existing airport is like a bus terminal. Now I know why its called an 'Airbus'. And, the new airport is a destination in itself. Getting there from home now sets me back by 1000 bucks and Two hours or more.
I know. Charming.

2. The dance floors are all closed, thanks to the Cops assuming that everyone wants to dance like they're in a dance bar. Sorry to disappoint you folks, but not everyone wants to be the Nation's next Chameli. Some people just need to have some fun after a rough week.
But that's blasphemy. Of course.

3. Because of (2), DJ Tiesto won't be coming here. Hyderabad, however, got very lucky. Just imagine. The whole country has clubs and the supposed 'Cosmopolitan' city can't even host a major welcome for the world's best DJ? Cosmopolitan, my sitting-at-home-on-saturday-bottom.

4. Live Bands can no longer play in some places. Wow. I didn't know Live Bands=Disastrous consequences for the community. If that's the case, Those guitars should really come with a statutory warning and an Age limit.
Oops. I shouldn't have said that. At the rate we're going, they'll probably actually enforce it.

5. Rules such as 'Cars with even-numbered license plates can only be driven on even days' are actually proposed.
People have conveniently forgotten that we're a democracy, and we DON'T have a public/Mass transport system that's to die for. We have one that actually caused numerous deaths.
Bravo, whoever came up with that. How clairvoyant. *Hmmph!!*

6. Educated, classy 'Bangaloreans' still litter.
What I'd really like to do, is to stuff all that garbage in their champagne glasses, their cars, in their shampoo bottles and down their pretentious throats.
Enough said.

I blame it all in 'Bangalore' being changed to the extremely unnecessary 'Bengalooru'. What is with the name changing? The Anglicised names have something to do with our history. Why attempt to change it? Its more a sign of insecurity than anything else, if you ask me.

One reason why I still love this place:
It's HOME!!!


Stargazer said...

Wow! Really poring your heart out, I see. :-)
I agree with almost all of those things except one.
Take a look at Bombay (I recently went there) ... it's absolutely filthy!
Bangloreans (I'm not sure I can Bengaloorueans without it sounding like a vegetable and besides, I refuse to rename my home) still have a more active civic sense and surprisingly, a much better traffic sense than people in other Indian cities.

Ramya Rajan said...

Hmm..good point..the traffic in most places is horrid. And Bangalore does seem cleaner than bombay and chennai! I'm guessing kolkata too..The last time I was there it was absolutely filthy, but it was also 8 years ago or so..
I guess my post title was apt-half-empty!Even though its better than other cities, I still end up being pessimistic about it!

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